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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

read this which was related to in a seminar I went to locally in the Nineties about firewalls, nice setting a country house with pretty girls and games????
"What's to prevent someone from stealing your camera phone, then using a photo of you to authenticate them as you? Unlike a password or PIN number, etc, your likeness (i.e. photo of you) is not something that you can protect from being public"
Instead of using a password to unlock your cellphone, a Japanese company called Earth Beat has come up with a way to use a picture instead. You just snap a picture of yourself with your cameraphone, then whenever you want to unlock the phone it uses face recognition technology to verify that the person trying to use the phone matches the photo it has in storage. Which also means you might be unable to use your phone if you ever change your appearance
or go to gizmodo.com


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