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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Daily Mirror Yesterday: I had a hardish day too, but reading this makes me doughtful of the future :-(
I STARTED work with 10 other new staff, and there's only two of us left. Morale is very low and people are leaving all the time.

I've seen a supervisor tell an angry caller: 'You are the weakest link, goodbye' then hang up. Another told a young staff member to lie to a caller. When he refused the supervisor said: "Shut the f*** up and do your job"

I tried to calm one woman caller who was in tears. She'd given birth four days before and had been waiting for money since January. She'd had to borrow from friends and was being hounded by her mortgage company. She told me,"I'm going to kill myself. I don't even have money for nappies". There was nothing I could do.

Another wept telling me her child- minder was quitting, so she'd lose her job and wouldn't get income support.

Callers say they can't feed themselves because they've no money. Others are given too much - one woman received a giro for £800, another for £900 then three for £600.

When she returned them she was told she wasn't entitled to anything.



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