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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Win Media Player this is old hat!

but it's worth the rant?
link to the Slashdot article
Microsoft Media Player "Security Patch" Changes EULA Big Time Posted by CmdrTaco on Sat Jun 29, '02 12:23 PM
from the under-the-guise-of-security dept.
MobyTurbo writes "In an article on BSD Vault a careful reader posts that in the latest Windows Media Player security patch, the EULA (the "license agreement" you click on) says that you give MS the right to install digital rights management software, and the right to disable any other programs which may circumvent DRM on your computer." So if you want your machine secure, you also want microsoft to have free reign on your PC...
Geek.com rant on version 9 no uninstall

The advisory committee is expected to endorse a proposal requiring Microsoft to ship two versions of Windows to computer makers, which account for most sales of the operating system, for installation in computers sold in Europe, the sources say.

One version would have Microsoft Windows Media Player tied in as it is now. The other would have it stripped out.

The aim is to free computer makers to sell Windows bundled with rival audiovisual software such as RealNetworks’ RealPlayer or Apple's Quicktime, the sources say.

Microsoft says Windows Media Player is an inherent part of the operating system and cannot be stripped out. RealNetworks used demonstrations at an EU hearing to argue it can be.

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