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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Catagory: Mobil : Wireless

I so wanted to do this techniqally which was about last July when I lost my balls to a thief and Orange's fancy commitment..

I spent last month so excited by my Nokia 6600. Land in a random city, flip open my PowerBook, click, "connect" and I was immediately online via bluetooth, gprs and my T-Mobile roaming. Internet everywhere. It was sooo cool... until I got my bill. $3500 for one month of mobile abandon. At $3500 / month, I would say that it works, "technically" but is totally unacceptable socially and economically. It's like having a PowerBook stolen from the carriers and being beaten over the head with the stupid stick. It reminds me of the "good old days" of x.25. What's the point of broadband wireless unless people can afford it. This trip I'm hunting down the free wifi and only using grps when absolutely necessary.

for Feb 2004 from Joi Ito's Weblog..


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