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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

This will kick your ass
Snuffed out by Paris Style. DUGGIE FIELDS is a painter of whom no one should take the slightest notice. In his hands paint is dead colour and drawing a thick insensitive, unvarying line. His work, as another critic has observed, is stylish - but to me that is a derogatory insult, suggesting empty nothings paraded with bravado. That he has had a measure of popular success is not surprising. He paints images that have immediate appeal to the homosexual mafia that is one of the least attractive sub-cultures of the art market, and trendy liberals feel compelled to bend over backwards to avoid seeming narrow-minded and illiberal. He has, moreover, the kind of personality that invites exploitation - to advertise his 1983 one-man show in Japan both the artist and his work were splashed all over the Tokyo Underground on hoardings and on television in a nationwide hype. Nostalgia. Recalling the horrors of Japanese occupation in Burma, Singapore, the Philippines and elsewhere in the Pacific, I quite see why the Nips gave him so enthusiastic a reception. His pictures must have filled them with nostalgia for the heady days when they could decapitate at whim any Anglo-Saxon prisoner or spike Filipino babies on their bayonets. Young Duggie Fields, a cult figure with the farrowings of King's Road and Carnaby Street, likes lopping of the limbs of his figures, slicing through their necks and skulls, and arranging in elegant patterns the stylised tears of blood that spring from these calamities. His images are not, however the horrors of war but of pornography. I have not been to New York since 1979, and I do not know if the atmosphere there now is the same as was a decade ago. I did not care for it. The art world then thought it amusing to chop fresh cannabis leaves into its salads and make cookies with the resin. It openly snorted cocaine and jabbed syringes into anyone foolish or dazed enough to share the experience. Worst of all, it gloated over what was called "snuff' pornography - that is extreme sexual sadism in which the victims die of beating, strangulation and ex-sanguination from the stumps of severed limbs. The films were, I hope, in some way faked, but they were horrifically real; in printed pornography they were supported by crude drawings in which the sadistic imagination could be specific to the last detail, and twice as foul. Duggie Fields' latest exhibition seems to me to reflect these horrors. If his imagination has arrived at his present set of images without the external stimulus of this kind of pornography, then the poor wretch is out of his mind. If, however, snuff pornography is the source of his stimulus (and he too was in America in the mid-seventies), then I have never seen more disgustingly deplorable pictures on the walls of any london gallery. Trash Were there some comment in the work the subjects might be acceptable, but there is nothing to suggest that Duggie Fields has any response other than an over-grown naughty boy's urge to out-rage. Ceorg Grosz and Otto Dix could use such images and make them work, eliciting from the spectator the anger and disgust that they themselves felt. Fields apparently feels nothing, and is happy to employ the flat primary colours and primitive outlines of American comics to popularise his fetishes. Trash comics and pornography are not his only sources. Throughout his working life he has made punning references to Dali, Miro, Leger and Fontana - "Miro, Miro on the Wall" is a title typical of his level of visual wit - but larding the horrors with borrowed surrealism is no camouflage for the paucity of his ideas and skills. It was with relief that I slipped into the Marlborough Gallery a hundred yards down the road, to see the early drawings of Lyonel Feininger ... Young Feininger makes young Fields look as appetising as a punk rocker

comic perspective was the google image search criteria but I am getting concerned reflective[s] reality lost horizon's and Rory's mindfull rumblings because some of The Blyth stuff is really quite sublimbinal but the extraction forgets the urgency of the image....

All we need now is a computer screen that can read small print and will differenciate the littlest detail in those high end camera shots that publicly appear on the net but because your screen resolution is bad you DON'T SEE IT all you SCC is what you thought you saw - blinding flashes? ring any bells!
But! and that is not all ~ if you don't have an up to date sound card or your sound is OFF that is about it then.... keep looking?


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