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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Category: Message Boards

I posted a message on the BBC Science Tecnology message board last week about RSS (really simple syndication) in realation to a post about the format that DVD players will only play-in a number of times
Why? {{matt}} - 76th post - 1 Aug 2004 21:14
Why do DVD drives on PC's and laptops have a limit on the number of times you can change the region? this is most frustrating, as i have Region 2 (UK) DVD's which i lvoe to watch over and over but i really wanna get a USA only metalica dvd set (Live Stuff, Binge And Purge), but im put off by the fact my DVD drive wont infinitly switch between the differing regions!

"You might associate RSS with say the structure of "3 Way Calling" and the 'electronic hand-shake'
As the board rules require that among things no swearing and no web sites should be included in the text, well they decided that my posting was infriging the rules and was removed


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