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Monday, August 30, 2004

Category: World Climate

Are You a Have~Not
Oil helps the internal combustion chamber grease the velosity of the F1 industry..
Will The End of Oil Mean The End..
Perhaps it goes without saying but it deserves repeating anyway: oil is the sine qua non of “industrial” civilization—the one thing without which such civilization cannot exist. All of the world’s 600 million automobiles depend on oil. So do virtually all other commodities and critical processes: airlines, chemicals, plastics, medicines, agriculture, heating, etc. Almost all of the increase in world food productivity over the past 50 years is attributable to increases in the use of oil-derived additives: pesticides; herbicides; fungicides; fertilizers; and machinery
via a lusty sports ethics which is an anagram of Stu’s hysterical post [on election 2004] which follows a certain story by Stu
If production is peeking this year and say it takes ten years for for the message to get into the system computers are heavy users of that measureable valued commodity will the costs rise, I say..
When oil is gone, civilization will be stupendously different. The onset of rapid depletion will trigger convulsions on a global scale, including, likely, global pandemics and die-offs of significant portions of the world’s human population. The “have” countries will face the necessity kicking the “have-nots” out of the global lifeboat in order to assure their own survival. Even before such conditions are reached, inelastic supply interacting with inelastic demand will drive the price of oil and oil-derived commodities through the stratosphere, effecting by market forces alone massive shifts in the current distribution of global wealth..

Don't Panic ~ We Will Panic
Ethics Monica did those too..


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