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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Category: Video vis Still

first post eblogger

Axis has announced a HDTV sort of web cam that does a whole 1.3 meg pixel resolution at 12 frames per second and that's pretty immpressive because the current price of professional HDTV systems is a few thousand dollars here via Gizmodo This is still quite a ways away from the 30 frames per second required for smooth video, but given the resolution, I'm willing to cut Axis some slack.
But on the still image side Olympus is tearing up the press release bin today with the equivilent of a new computer package for the portable camera systems utilizing a whole 4 meg CCD and 40 gigerbyte hard drive..just imagine - that then there must be loads of people just wondering what that means here with links to other comments.
endgadget post/comments on an upgrade [the video demo is here]


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