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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Category : Gadgets

Laser pointers are designed to illuminate inanimate objects. Never shine a laser pointer toward any person, aircraft, or other vehicle.
#Never look directly into the beam of a laser pointer of any type.
#Do not allow children to use a pointer unsupervised. Laser pointers are not toys.
If your telescope is equipped with a laser pointer that has a "constant-on" setting, do not leave the instrument unattended with the laser switched on.
#Do not aim a laser pointer toward mirrors or other shiny surfaces. The reflected beam may inadvertently strike someone in the eye.
#Do not aim a laser pointer skyward if you hear or see an aircraft of any kind flying overhead.
#Be aware of irresponsible uses of pointers so that the psychological effect will be minimized if you happen to be illuminated by one.
#Do not purchase a laser pointer if it does not have a "caution" or "danger" sticker on it identifying its class. Report suspicious devices to the authorities

via Sky & Telescope the magazine for astronomers with largish optics that show other people the night skies that do not have a scaled 'camera obscurer' object map. by Richard Tresch Fienberg via bOING bOING..quite a few years ago Kodak offered me a very small laser pointer for using with slide shows, I was taken a-back as I was so busy trying to categorize subject matter seemed a trival matter, this makes it post modern cache me.


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