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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Category : Sci Fi

Rally cries from saveenterprise via scifi247 full page ad is running in the "A" section of the Los Angeles Times today Tuesday 15th February. Fans of UNP's Star Trek Enterprise had always intended to purchase a newspaper advertisement. Their campaign to raise the money for the ad has been posted at the campaign organization's official Web site, www.enterprisefans.com since the news broke of the shelving of Enterprise. Recently STE Fans found they have alies in the press.
The Enterprise Fans web site states: "As an alternative to running the one-twelfth - 1/12 - page USA Today ad, (actual size 3 3?4 inch by 5 3/16 inch) we have received an extraordinary offer from someone at the L.A. Times, who happens to be a Star Trek Enterprise fan. Due to this individual’s special arrangements, we will be able to publish a FULL PAGE ad in the Los Angeles Times in the A section of this national paper for the same cost to us as the much smaller ad



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