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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Category Server Broadband Cable

Joy's birthday last month but it makes me angry and embarrassed when your told this that they are spam ignorant..
Spam ignorant.

Poorly run broadband network company when it comes to dealing with abuse.

From: bbc tecnology

In a statement Telewest said: ""We are aware of the increase in e-mail
volumes due to customers' PCs which have been infected by worms and

"We are currently contacting affected customers to help them clean their
PCs which, as you can imagine, is a time-consuming task," it said.

Most of those were likely to be hijacked home PCs, said Mr Peachey,
because officially Telewest only runs nine servers that route e-mail for
its customers.

Why not just block access to non-Telewest mail-servers as any non-poorly run
broadband network company would do?


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