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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Category : Car-razy Top Gear remote control

Remote-controlled cars

With Christmas and all the presents that it brings alarmingly close, we thought it'd be a good idea to take a look at a Christmas favourite. Remote-controlled cars. Instead of those silly little things that you can buy, charge for 45 hours and then use for four minutes before the battery runs out, we got petrol-powered ones. Oh, and they aren't miniature either, our remote-control cars are full size.

And just like Christmas, we thought we'd add in a sullen teenager to look a bit moody and sulky. But our teenager is a bit different, her name is Krizti Rosenberg and she's the under 15s remote-controlled car racing champion of the world. And although she was entirely silent, her skill is unquestionable.

First, the practice with Richard and James, this didn't go too well at all really. James managed to stack his car into a huge lump of mud, and Richard managed most of the course, before James released what was named 'the ball of death' suspended from 'the crane of death' and triggered by 'the plunger of death'. A caravan was destroyed, and smiles were visible all round.

Then, it was time to begin the race. James wrote off Richard's car within the first 34 seconds, Krizti got on with it and managed to lap James, at least twice. And then we crashed two cars into a caravan.

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