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Thursday, February 26, 2004

C|NET 's Ina Fried says that..
update Microsoft is considering updating Windows XP before it releases Longhorn, a major overhaul of the industry's dominant operating system that is not expected for about two years.

Help Your Windows PC Masquerade as a Mac
via Google by J.D. BIERSDORFER at nytimes

Q. I have a Gateway PC running Windows XP. Would I be able to install the Macintosh operating system on my computer, or is that impossible?

A. The Macintosh operating system code is written to work with Macintosh-specific hardware, which uses a different processor and hard-drive file system from what you find on computers designed for use with Windows. This means you cannot run the Mac OS installer program on your PC. (But most modern computer systems that work with Windows will run a version of the Linux operating system.)


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