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Monday, February 23, 2004

Star Trek Enterprise Series 3 "Twilight"

Mike Sussman wrote the script for the twilight episode of Star Trek Enterprise Series 3 but is better known for the Star Trek Voyager episode Meld
when Tuvok security officer
on Voyager faces crime head-on.. and fails as is today in real life?
Twilight explains in no uncertain terms the reason for exploration and the need to reproduce in order to survive, which requires expansion! in order to asertain sanity..

the imdb listing

from the BBC Cult TV message board..
re: Enterprise - The Shipment Angel - 7237th post - 16 Feb 2004 21:49
Both Twilight and Similitude are fantastic episodes that would not look out of place in any incarnation of Trek, IMO. After that there are still good episodes but none so far quite up to that level, although both Azati Prime and Damage promise to have a pretty good bash at doing so :)


The full rave wow review


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