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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Criminals phone Home©

Stu explains what happens to a mobile phone when it's in like normalish use....
you can count, on it

Judasphone : As soon as your mobile phone is switched on, even if you are not making a call, it reveals its position to the cell network. So spooks can track you, making a travel profile. Many phones also have an escape sequence called 'babyphone mode'. It means that if the phone is switched on, someone can call the phone (silently, without it ringing) and turn on the microphone. An ideal bugging device. And of course, since it is known where you are (resolved to the nearest cell), a suicide-bomber with his own mobile phone ( for initial guidance) and a photo of you (for final target acquisition) makes an ideal anti-personnel guided missile.
You didn't know that? Sleep well then ;-)

It's not been said much but the culprits were located by this sort of means who devastated Madrid, Spannish Country last week..

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