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Thursday, March 25, 2004

My Travel Tip to Manhattan New York and what happened to me on the New York Metro circa October 1999..
Get a map it's not like the london underground it's all up and down the island but if your hotel is in Queens (east of Manhattan) you have to connect, you have to buy the equivilent of a season ticket for each day or a period which also I did not realise. I was hoping to get up to 5th Avenue but because I went for the weekend in 1999., I never did.. I got lost trying to find the way back to the hotel and found myself at Rockaway Beech instead of New Jamica the connection for JFK and the International Airport.
I visited The Empire State building and got some wonderful pictures of The World Trade Centre then and a hand drawn portrait by a china man in 7th Avenue, The big electronics shop in Manhattan was closed, would you beleive, but I was showed a Canon digital camera which was all the buzz back then I took my Pentax LX and a couple of lenses including a fish eye lens which was essential to get as much in the picture. Then I walked down to get the view from The World Trade Centre but found it closed??? then because I messed up my connection back to The Holiday Inn I never got to see the night life.
I asked for directions from two New York Cops in lower Manhatten and because they were new to the area they could not say, not a very good ad for the state!
There are one or two inter-active map you can get now which can be transfered to a PDA (Palm, mobile,etc.)
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