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Monday, April 12, 2004

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My Dad asked to have Norman Cocker tune for tuber played at his funeral cause it's one of those tunes you actually know but it has a particular character in it's translation
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re: Cocker's tune for tuber..? BBC RADIO 3 - HOST - 210th post - 11 Apr 2004 19:51
Welcome to the board, Peter.
The piece in question is Tuba Tune by Norman Cocker. It's deceptively tricky to play and if your Dad wants a funeral in church, you'll need to check out whether or not the organ has a tuba stop (it tends to be larger English organs which have it) or at least a big reed like a trumpet to do it justice. Worth checking also that the organist can play it!
If it's a funeral where it's possible to play a recording, probably the greatest recording of Tuba Tune was made by Francis Jackson at York Minster. The tuba stop is glorious and the old EMI recording captured it superbly. This recording is available again on the Amphion label.

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