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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Category: Dumbness (No Chuckles)

Hey Joe Where's you going with that - gun in your era?
(courtesy: Jimi Hendrix : singer and song writer deceased)
Scenario No. 1: You’re driving along the Turnpike, having a pleasant conversation on your cell phone with your mother about what flowers she’s going to plant in the gardens of the senior citizens she works with and you get pulled over by a police officer: That’s a $250 fine.

Scenario No. 2: You’re driving along the Turnpike taking measured sips from a medium-sized bottle of Jack Daniel’s while smoking a cigarette and screaming at your wife and three kids, all of whom are in the car. And you’ve got your dog in your lap: That’s a $200 fine.

Sensible, right?

Not only that, you show me a bottle of Jack that can take a bullet, I’ll show you a bottle of Jack that’s made out of titanium, which, now that I’m thinking about it, isn’t the worst idea in the world, as far as ideas go. Prevents dropping-and-breaking.

Gone and swerved off-topic there.


To recap, then: The pending cell phone ban is stupid, dumb and might get you killed should a carjacker attempt to murder you with a gun that goes "doof-doof."

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