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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Category: Hosting

And archiving suddenly this weekend took a toll on thousands of weblogs - the story via Michelle Delio at Wired News from Jack online says "Numerous bloggers hosted by Weblogs.com are offline and scrambling to find new hosting after blogging pioneer Dave Winer abruptly closed the free service last weekend," reports Netcraft richm says Winer, a driving force in the emergence of blogging and RSS, started the service as a founder of Userland software, but left the company several years ago. When the blogs needed to be moved off Userland's servers, Winer said he tried to transfer them to a server he owned, which was unable to handle the load. Winer said cost issues and personal health concerns limited his ability to resolve the difficulties, so he decided to close the service.
Doc Searls writes the passive respond-avous siv vous play just here


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