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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Category: coms

This is My DECTfax IT'S A PDF FILE it's a fax with a cordless handset my bank has recently changed their call number from local national rate [0845] to national rate - with this phone you can automate the calls to numbers with numbered departmentalisation so now I have to go all through the configerations just to confirm it's OK and I'm loathed to, but when it works it works and extracting your balance is a doddle.
Rory did a post about having to have a 'Smart Media Reader' no a 'Smart Card Reader' looks as though there ain't no standardized listing catalogueing or maybe there is and it's down in an archive somewhere, like ISDN [internation standard digital number]
I'd really like some sort of video phone I suppose but should it be desk based or mobile, is that still a question
update this from gizmodo about a home phone that was a grand but is in an auction for less and has some sorta note taker eBay: Apple/Siemens Newton NotePhone


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