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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Category : World health

Castor Oil will pass through the stomach and small intestine before dissolving. Freezing the capsule before ingesting totally eliminates the traditional *cramping* associated with castor oil liquid because the capsules dissolve in the ileum, the last three fifths of the small intestine. Here the digestive tract hydrolyses this oil into recinoleic acid which whilst harmless to humans is deadly to parasites.
..is *poisoning* the most lithel known a picture here I tagged this as Dave [Boing Boing] posts the Tree of Death Cerbera odollam, a plant that grows in India and southeast Asia, is also known as the "suicide tree" because people munch it to kill themselves. Apparently, it's also used to rub out young wives who aren't well-liked by their in-laws. But a testimonial I found at some point by the authors of China - Land of Discovery items Geobotanical prospecting lists that certain plant types will only grow in soil which lives near certain minerals such as Purslane which is qualified to grow in soil where mercury is found and is listed in several herbs and spice books in western culture as a nutrisious herb.


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