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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Category : Geology sciences reason for

-- from Jaxpix50 - (?)

In the Washington State in the scraplands are marks in the flat rock escarpment stretching for miles. Channel 5 tv showed a programme explaining in evassive context the theory for large amoungts of water but no one knew where this water came from. Science eventually found other questions like how did deep pools of water appear as if by magic. A large glazier moved out of Canadian territory and when it meet a large volume of water there was as if a battle of giants as the glazier moved in on the water all the water could do was rise until it was as great in volume as the glazier but water at the base under that pressure forced cracks into the ice and melted it. It was found that water under high pressure can make air bubbles implode with great violence and this is said to have been the creator of the pools in this rock, but also left ridges large ones that were there and unexplained. When the glazier broke this large volume of water speed at sixty miles an hour across the land destroying everything in it's path. This story was down to one man finding himself stuck on a problem - nothing much but you know what problems can do, make ones

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