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Friday, January 06, 2006

Category : China My Space Microsoft/Chinesse blog/readtherules

Link here to a censor thing by the software giant on a Chinaman known for a great voice.. Microsoft admits it pulled the plug on Zhao "Anti" Jing's blog, with the shameful but familiar excuse that it was only complying with local law. Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah. And as long as there's money to be made in China, we're likely to hear it again. and even more about goods you buy and what you agree to do with them..This FOOD PRODUCT has been manufactured for usage only in specific FOOD PRODUCT cooking devices and storage containers and might not be usable with the following devices:

* Some FOOD PRODUCT reheaters that have the capability of reheating competing products
* Some microwave heating devices with pre-defined "Pizza" or "Sandwich" buttons
* Any FOOD PRODUCT cookers which operate utilizing Celsius temperature scale
* Some FOOD PRODUCT cookers or reheaters with convection capability
* Some FOOD PRODUCT (FP-R/RW) reheaters designed for use in dormitory settings
* Some portable FOOD PRODUCT carrying containers
* Some serving and/or warming trays
* Some FOOD PRODUCT cleaning devices, such as generic napkins, paper towels or wet wipes-style products
* Some denture products, including partial bridges and unapproved full ceramic teeth replacements

Robert says Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo cof? and a Mix06