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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Category : Writer's works mystic pieces

I have got this oldish London Telegraph article xerox'ed [like a million others] titled 'High time for a Southern's star to rise' by Ian Thomson on the biographica's [other writer's] without going to profile here is his site the guy is Terry Southern he did Magic Christian 1969 and some guy said.. This movie begins with one of my favorite songs, "Come and Get It", penned by Paul McCartney & performed by Badfinger. After that, all hell breaks loose (more or less) for the rest of the movie, and I'd be hard pressed to explain exactly what it's about, really. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it though, movies don't have to make sense to me to enjoy them. Peter Sellers plays an overly-rich man who adopts a bum (Ringo Starr) he finds feeding ducks in the park. He then apparently dissolves his business holdings, fires his employees, and he and his newly-adopted son just do whatever they want, as long as it either involves spending money or baiting people to see what they'll do for money. Has some rather amusing moments, one being a dog show that's being televised where some strange rare African breed of dog is being shown, turns out it's a black panther and eats all the little foo-foo dogs; I laughed out loud at that part, and my cat purred. Anyway, this is pretty well plotless, just one strange little escapade after another, and includes cameos by Graham Chapman and John Cleese of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and also Raquel Welch and Roman Polanski, not to mention Sir Laurence Harvey as Hamlet, who performs a strip-tease to the "To Be Or Not To Be" soliloquy, if that's the right term. !!!!! Oh, and let's not forget Christopher Lee, who plays a porter on the ship (what The Magic Christian is) who also happens to be a vampire. This is very busy and probably needs another watching to catch everything I may have missed the first time, but if you like stream-of-consciousness type stuff, give it a shot, it's a real hoot.