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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I fancy I missed this - even Joy will confirm it!
surprise? surprise...
What an excellent story..
I thought this was cute. Last week I was helping my daughter with her homework packet from school. (Yes, a homework packet for Kindergarteners, go figure!) The packets usually have an alphabetical theme and features worksheets on penmanship, math concepts, reading skills, and either history or science. Last week's packet had the letter "Cc" as a theme..
One of the assignments for the kids was to draw two things that started with the letter "C". As my daughter and I brainstormed, all of a sudden her face brightened and she says "Oh Mommy, I know, how about dot com!". This idea was too irresistable, so I allowed her to run with it. She drew a picture of a computer featuring a web page and a mouse and I had her write ".com" next to her interpretation. I'm still not sure if the teacher knew what she was trying to accomplish, but I am just way too amused by my progeny........


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