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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Nasa jet smashes speed record
|Per ardua ad astra|
BBC noted The US space's experimental hypersonic research aircraft, the X-43A, could one day revolutionise long-distance travel. The unpiloted 3.7m-long vehicle uses a scramjet to reach a design speed in excess of Mach 7, more than 8,000 km/h (5,000 mph). Scramjets burn hydrogen but take their oxygen from the air which is forced into the engine at very high speed. "The 10 seconds of data will tell you whether or not the last six years of trying are successful," Sitz said.

After its 10 seconds of firing, the X-43A's engine will shut down, and the craft will perform a set of preprogrammed maneuvers before it crashes into the ocean....
The craft won't be recovered. Other versions will be used for further test flights.
NASA is spending $230 million to build and flight-test three aircraft, including the one that was destroyed
....says Jim Skeen LA Knight Ridder/Tribune
Now It flew for 10 seconds on its own power over California, then glided for six minutes before falling into the ocean. it is reported Nasa jet smashes speed record reported Last Updated: Sunday, 28 March, 2004, 02:04 GMT 03:04 UK "For the first time we succeeded in separating two vehicles flying at Mach 7." and Space.com reference links.. and some NASA library links to the staff Joel Sitz heads the experimental research..
An Economist writer 'Speed Demon' said that another test will go ahead in July which will probably test endurance stats for temperature peaks weather welds will work better than fasteners..
Is it a Bird? Is it a Man! Yes it's a Concorde last flight..


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