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Thursday, July 03, 2003

DVD plus or minus little known value?

I'm still getting used to how cheap, fast and convenient CD-Rs are! Now they have a medium that holds manifold what a CD holds and is the same size! Technology is really blazing forth.

Bry • 05/07/03 10:25am
You make a good point Bry, as a developer of multi-media CD-ROMs, I have been asked (mostly by competitors) if I was creating DVD. The problem is people are just figuring out they can make thier own CD-ROM, and I just installed CD-burners on my computers. I just bought a DVD player for the house and most of my clients do not have DVD players at work, while I know we will in time start producing DVD, we have to let people catch up to the technology, there is a difference between "out in front" and "irrelevant".

x [x@d351gn.comNOSPAM] • 05/12/03 10:46am
"A lot of consumers are still weary of purchasing DVD recorders"
Not to be an ass but it's 'wary' Sorry, compulsive spell checker. must.break.habit.must.get.help.

Cyberspik • 05/14/03 12:54pm
Cyberspik: your spelling corrections are always welcome on this site. sorry for supporting your habit.

Stevland [geek@superfastcomputer.com] • 05/14/03 09:29pm
lookback? I am feeling here in the UK that maybe DVD will take off when people are in there which they are not!
DVD BLUE reinvents the capacity....
But RAM as in the Digital Camera Cards might just do what CD did for music what CD ROM did for applications..
sourced via Telegraph Newspapers Connected online.

I want a DVD writer but not at the expence of an upgrade before the hardware expires......YAH

Blogger Tom Creemers accused in court of publishing imflamitary circumstances in a networking resource cleared
The Globe and Mail San Fransisco reported courtesy of Goggle News today
"Now we can publish information we receive from someone else without fear of getting sued," said Jeralyn Merritt, a lawyer and blogger who manages talkleft.com, a Web site about crime-related news and politics. WOW


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