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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Category : Food mise en place recipe_ for success

Nigel Slater's celebrity guest Venessa Redgrave_ said she cooked willow cottage pie for her family which seems to have included minced meat cabbage onions and no bananas or chocolate but I can't assure you so it's open - then her daughter made mayonasse [proper] as the whole family likes it - Her mother cooked toad-in-the-hole_ in their arga during the war

Friday, August 04, 2006

Category : Internet wifi neibourhood scripting

flickr massage

Mark posted this up on bOINGbOING on a story able managing a wifi neibourhood..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Category : Photo flickr fox


Earlier post on the necessary browser v1.5.0.5 gives me back all my del.ic.io.us extensions rss feeds search extensions - just can't do without

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Category : Auto security How thieves steal RFID-enabled cars

Cory writes on new secure data management : Then I grabbed the emergency brake handle between the front seats and performed the specific series of pumps, interspersed with rotations of the ignition between the On and Start positions. After my second attempt, Honky’s hybrid engine awoke with its customary whisper. an earlier post and attacks on your body parts

Monday, July 31, 2006

Category : Photo flickr Mexico, DF, skyline

-- from Roger Stephens - (?)

Roger says this is the Cathedral in the Zocalo in Mexico, D.F., from the holiday inn roof : the difference in the anciant stone and the modern sky scraper is quite remarkable but there had been an earthquake?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Category : TV programme TOTP

I saw james brown I went to what was a brief where the audience was given an audition to find the dancers which would go in a position for the cameras this was way back in the mid sixties I think but now after some years and the advent of mtv etcetera the bbc has decided to finish the show off tonight Pan's People were not bought in for some time but were essential viewing babs being my favorite dancer she always had a smile

Category : Mobile cell phone security

This has been going on overtime for more than two years yes I can honestly say all my life - mostly..let alone this maybe or even this popular post While operators have been blocking SIMs and IMEIs (the unique serial number for a handset) for some time, this is the first time all have committed to disabling stolen phones within a set time frame. via cpuworld
I fancy this is up around all of our necks like maybe a bulldog choke chain or even a valueable diamond necklace perhaps I'm having a breather! coof coof