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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Category: Gadgets

QVCUK Special Value
JVC Mini F1.2 Lens DV Camcorder w/ 12x Optical Zoom 3" LCD Screen & Auto Light

Capture great home movies and digital shots with this Mini DV camcorder from JVC! It has an F1.2 Aspherical Lens for high quality video images and stills as well as a 700x digital zoom, 12x optical zoom and a digital colour night scope for bright pictures - even in minimal light. The unit's slim, light and upright design incorporates a 3" colour LCD screen for reviewing your shots and a unique colour viewfinder - it also offers a super-fast USB 2.0 connection interface for your PC. Included is an 8Mb multimedia card for downloading and uploading files.

This is supposed to be a fresh import and is tempting but I don't see image stabilizer and will gobble mediacard space and battery cares ...weekend event

..with Claudia trying her mear impressive skills at 'carrie ok'... and Laura trying to get her tougue round the jargon...

The European Community will expand in May of this year

A Czech Geographical Survey..page

A list A-Z of european links

Catagory: May Day

What do Germans do on this Day that method of transport...

Friday, April 30, 2004

Category: The Offical iTune Rythem

Go here if you want to download the media warrant for the iTune main event if your offered something for free and you like it you don't expect hassel but these days that goes without saying Joy said it and did it..
I was going to pick like one of these so, what about buying a newish computer and then track it's birth from another room..

I wonder what Stevie Boy thinks

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Category: Euro Blogging The 'Ctyapt Cabopu' Blog

Stu Savory's post for today annouces that he has been commissioned to write for a Russian source some of his sarcastic style in colloquial Russian but as he can only boil an egge with this tongue it has been decided that he will write in the German and that will be the translation for an anthology of short stories about about post cold war cryptographics - and has been OK'ed on this matter The Offical Secrets Act

Catagory: The Cartoon

One of the better articles on Roy Lichtenstein Martin Gayford for London's Telegraph Arts media..plus an example that I found is here

At 37, Roy Lichtenstein had a dead-end job and a studio full of paintings that no one wanted. By 40 he was a celebrity. As a new retrospective opens in London, Martin Gayford talks to his widow about life with the Pop art pioneer
Roy Lichtenstein was, with Andy Warhol, the epitome of Pop art. His paintings are everywhere, not only in the great galleries of the world (and soon to be seen at the Hayward Gallery, in a doubtless highly successful retrospective) but also on mugs, T-shirts, posters and postcards. Cool, stylish and witty, Lichtenstein's art was part of the essence of the 1960s

Catagory: The Arts

Kevin Spacey has been commissioned as Director of The Old Vic which opens this week with Hamlet 2004 but Kevin did'nt expect to have to annouce that mobils will have to be turned-off during performances but did not expect to be beaten to it by Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000) or like "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" (1989) or maybe "The Usual Suspects" (1995) etcetera..
..but could it possibly be that Kevin does know justa walking the dog you know.. Justa Walking The Dog...

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Catagory: Child Care

Asperger's syndrome is not something I know about but I think I know what it's like to deside that your going to do something in particular as a hobby? but when the professionals take this sort of thing on because there are no real answers they have a partition right only and that is it.. as far as I am concerned .. There is never the time in all time to sort this kind of thing and nobody knows what it's all about...
A couple of nights ago I saw a BBC programme about this culture if that's what it is, and I am not completely convinced..

Catagory: Broadband Internet

Following recent news on local cable access this news on free upgrading cepting price hiking here is the speed test page...

Catagory: Mobil : Wireless

I so wanted to do this techniqally which was about last July when I lost my balls to a thief and Orange's fancy commitment..

I spent last month so excited by my Nokia 6600. Land in a random city, flip open my PowerBook, click, "connect" and I was immediately online via bluetooth, gprs and my T-Mobile roaming. Internet everywhere. It was sooo cool... until I got my bill. $3500 for one month of mobile abandon. At $3500 / month, I would say that it works, "technically" but is totally unacceptable socially and economically. It's like having a PowerBook stolen from the carriers and being beaten over the head with the stupid stick. It reminds me of the "good old days" of x.25. What's the point of broadband wireless unless people can afford it. This trip I'm hunting down the free wifi and only using grps when absolutely necessary.

for Feb 2004 from Joi Ito's Weblog..

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Catagory: hyper tech

Philip interviewed by David Lawrence (two hours)


The Battle Bottom for Fallajuh


Catagory: trivier?

The film The Singing Detective is on general release which caterers to the original script here the imdb listing..
Date: 6 August 2003 Summary: As good as it gets!

There's no point in reiterating the praise for this miniseries. Many have called it the best television production ever, and as far as I can tell, they're absolutely correct. This is (NBC notwithstanding) the true definition of 'must-see TV'.
I just want to comment on something that struck me when I watched this recently on DVD. There's no way that an actor like Michael Gambon could ever get cast as the leading man in an American production (for TV or movies). He's just not physically attractive enough in the conventional sense; for example, he has the beginnings of a double-chin (more of a sloping-down from his chin to his collar), and I can't imagine any American producer being willing to give such an "not hot" actor so much screen time in the lead role.
Yet, it hardly needs be said, he is 100% perfect in this role, and it's hard to imagine anyone else doing as good a job. He can convey more feeling (rage, helplessness, love, hatred) in one close-up of his eyes than some actors do in their entire careers. His presence in this film is, in a sense, a reminder of how lucky we all are that it ever got made at all, by a BBC that was willing to give producer Kenith Trodd almost complete autonomy, as long as he stayed within budget. With the possible exception of HBO, you just don't see that sort of artistic freedom too often over on this side of the pond.
Anyway, as others said, it's a masterpiece, brilliantly written and brilliantly acted. Truly one of the most incredible uses of the television medium ever.

..which is the very thing that gives actors what's needed..

Janet Suzman is back in The News again maybe little known but she was always the thinking mans stuff here her imdb entry but what got me interested may have been Peter Greenaway's script for The Draughtsman's Contract 1982..
..if your reading this for no particular reason and have not seen any of this something wrong about this world but never seen
..and to top it all Carol Kirkwood is threatening to take her coat off?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Category: Law and Order

Way back in the sixties I watched the Ironside Television Series which gave some kind of insight of justice parlance but the cast were young and probably quite thoughtful contradictory to the greater beliefs of the people lame duck so reading Joy's blog these days makes me undersided about my security.. for some time

Category: The Man

A monetary prize awarded to Tim Berners Lee


Catagory: Search Engines..

A new type of serch engine from gigablast
..and are trying Vinodkrishna Pillai's metacrawler Serachive 2.1

Catagory : Photography

A mosaic of portraits you may have seen made of soldiers who died in Iraq during and after the conflict on the nose of George W. Bush via Dave Winer more on really excellant picture manipulation from
Max Lyon

..and a particular image search grossblank link

Sony have released news of a paper based DVD Blue Ray formatting..

By Martyn Williams IDG News Service (Tokyo Bureau)

Sony and Toppan Printing, a large Japanese printing company, have developed a Blu-ray Disc based on a paper substrate which promises to be more environmentally friendly and secure when destroyed than traditional discs, they said.
Blu-ray Disc uses a blue laser to achieve a storage capacity of around 25GB or around five times that of current DVD discs. It is one of a number of new optical disc storage formats that are being targeted at applications such as storage of high-definition video.