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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, March 27, 2004

What's the Frequency Kenneth?
"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
is your Benzedrine, uh-huh
I was brain-dead, locked out, numb,
not up to speed
I thought I'd pegged you an idiot's dream
Tunnel vision from the outsider's screen
I never understood the frequency, uh-huh
You wore our expectations like an armored suit, uh-huh

I'd studied your cartoons, radio,
music, TV, movies, magazines
Richard said,
"Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy"
A smile like the cartoon,
tooth for a tooth
You said that irony was the shackles of youth
You wore a shirt of violent green, uh-huh
I never understood the frequency, uh-huh

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
is your Benzedrine, uh-huh
Butterfly decal, rear-view mirror,
dogging the scene
You smile like the cartoon,
tooth for a tooth
You said that irony was the shackles of youth
You wore a shirt of violent green, uh-huh
I never understood the frequency, uh-huh

You wore our expectations like an armored suit, uh-huh
I couldn't understand
You said that irony was the shackles of youth, uh-huh
I couldn't understand
You wore a shirt of violent green, uh-huh
I couldn't understand
I never understood,
don't f*ck with me, uh-huh
A REM number: R.E.M.H.Q. which stands for this

Boeing has announced the rates for their in-flight internet access, Connexion, to be offered this spring. Users can choose either a flat rate or metered option.
Flat rate access charges for unlimited internet access depend on the duration of the flight. For trips larger than six hours the charge is $29.95, for ‘medium-haul’ flights (three-six hours) users will pay $19.95 and for less than three hours the price is $14.95. from news$nowt

Wired brings You the tetherless the Singular of toothin Firstly To Tooth
..and then the second is Toothing...First came dogging, an underground swinging scene where couples and sometimes third or fourth parties engage in public sex for an exhibitionist thrill

..find the thrill or get dogged off. OR get doggy with doggy with Cat Schwartz, she's a beamer first order ....
But don't shell out on this young lassbecause I did...

Friday, March 26, 2004

New Runt or New Rant whatever

London Calling suggests 'The ONLY natural thing for your DNA to do is AGE'
but that's only toilet humour..

source via here

What a Wonderful view of a Woman

SEXY Abi Titmuss vamps it up on a night out — and shows her transformation from demure nurse is now complete.
The ex-girlfriend of shamed TV presenter John Leslie turned heads in a see-through top, mini-skirt and saucy boots.
It follows revelations of three-in-a-bed romps, dirty dancing and signing as the face of a soft-porn satellite channel.

The troubles in celebrity land...


If you got this and you could do something like this it's all about the 35mm camera and what is the Digital Media Push..

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I was going to link to Philip Greenspun for some reason yesterday but because of time is running on short and because my desk top apps decided to hang yet again REBOOT...
I have now totally forgotten the threads I was following and the discource 'abberation'
So here's a lap top configuration ideal that Philip wrote.. maybe in the future I'll pick it up but don't count on it.

Philip and four legged friend seven years ago..but who's a Canon Man

My Travel Tip to Manhattan New York and what happened to me on the New York Metro circa October 1999..
Get a map it's not like the london underground it's all up and down the island but if your hotel is in Queens (east of Manhattan) you have to connect, you have to buy the equivilent of a season ticket for each day or a period which also I did not realise. I was hoping to get up to 5th Avenue but because I went for the weekend in 1999., I never did.. I got lost trying to find the way back to the hotel and found myself at Rockaway Beech instead of New Jamica the connection for JFK and the International Airport.
I visited The Empire State building and got some wonderful pictures of The World Trade Centre then and a hand drawn portrait by a china man in 7th Avenue, The big electronics shop in Manhattan was closed, would you beleive, but I was showed a Canon digital camera which was all the buzz back then I took my Pentax LX and a couple of lenses including a fish eye lens which was essential to get as much in the picture. Then I walked down to get the view from The World Trade Centre but found it closed??? then because I messed up my connection back to The Holiday Inn I never got to see the night life.
I asked for directions from two New York Cops in lower Manhatten and because they were new to the area they could not say, not a very good ad for the state!
There are one or two inter-active map you can get now which can be transfered to a PDA (Palm, mobile,etc.)
BBCHoilday You Call The Shots

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

All About a New Carbon from experiments in Australia down under

from The Register and Lucy Sherriff
Boffins at Australia’s National University in Canberra have made a new - and magnetic - form of carbon which they have dubbed nanofoam. Because of its unique magnetic properties, it could have important medical applications, the team says.

Snow Day for Julie in Vermont
You just have to be - out of there -

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Win This 3.4 ghz SuperComputer but not sure about the monitor gizmodo have reviewed it but as they have changed their style sheet there is no SEARCH item and no archive for monitors, so I might be incorrect?..

Offical Rules

By entering these Promotions, participants agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Peel, Peel, Inc. their legal representatives, their affiliates, subsidiaries, retailers, agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from any damages which may arise out of participation in these Promotions, or out of the acceptance, use, misuse or possession of prizes. By participating, you agree to these Official Contest Rules and to the decisions of the judges which are final and binding in all respects. The Official Contest Rules will be posted on all contest application forms throughout the contest. Void where prohibited by law, rule or regulation. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

now to get my breakfast!

if you use quicktime and could use something useful have a look at lasergraphics files to film..

this would help.........

Win Media Player this is old hat!

but it's worth the rant?
link to the Slashdot article
Microsoft Media Player "Security Patch" Changes EULA Big Time Posted by CmdrTaco on Sat Jun 29, '02 12:23 PM
from the under-the-guise-of-security dept.
MobyTurbo writes "In an article on BSD Vault a careful reader posts that in the latest Windows Media Player security patch, the EULA (the "license agreement" you click on) says that you give MS the right to install digital rights management software, and the right to disable any other programs which may circumvent DRM on your computer." So if you want your machine secure, you also want microsoft to have free reign on your PC...
Geek.com rant on version 9 no uninstall

The advisory committee is expected to endorse a proposal requiring Microsoft to ship two versions of Windows to computer makers, which account for most sales of the operating system, for installation in computers sold in Europe, the sources say.

One version would have Microsoft Windows Media Player tied in as it is now. The other would have it stripped out.

The aim is to free computer makers to sell Windows bundled with rival audiovisual software such as RealNetworks’ RealPlayer or Apple's Quicktime, the sources say.

Microsoft says Windows Media Player is an inherent part of the operating system and cannot be stripped out. RealNetworks used demonstrations at an EU hearing to argue it can be.

Present comments from onlineblog from this posting..

Monday, March 22, 2004

My Dad got the buzz recently? when bought a digital set-top box now there is topup which allows you to add extra channels, but! it does not have the necessary card slot...
Reading Copydesk
reminded me to do it!
There are other things I am trying to remember to do but as the further learning advert gremlin says "Just Walk Away "

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Get off The Bloody Apron

Stu is showing plane crashes on his site a ditty I seem to remember once an ITN reporter was doing an outside broadcast report on a Scottish subject and for some~strange reason, I thought of this: why do scottish waitresses ware "weee-apron's"
- looks like a weapon to me? haha!!..
Well! if you click-on the link you'll see what I mean?...

Jackpot Prize Draw Call 15:07pm
Just received a call from a Nicky Fox that promises several major prizes if you call a old scam 09000 code number at a cost of £1.50 per minute..

There is a blog in this excite search here for Richy's Random Ramblings: Personal: Telephone Soliciting but is down and here are comments about spam and a comment entry from Richy's Random Ramblings

Have you seen any really modern art recently - plenty of scope there then! Well Jack has quite a style sort of a fifties time when things were perhaps seemingly laid back which is wrong and wont be shared by our parents here in the UK homepage

Jenson Button got a podium place for the very first time at The Malaysian Grand Prix..so that's a monkey off his back - while back in the paddock where Jim & Co are surviving the exterior conditions but it is just not quite enough? even with misting!

jensonbutton at malaysia and the UK server and the misting equipment