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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Tech News

'Star suburb' is des res for aliens
Guardian - Jan 2, 2004
Astronomers have identified a habitable zone in the Milky Way galaxy, a kind of suburb of stars with the elements needed for life, and old enough for sophisticated civilisations to have developed.
New map may help trace ETs Times of India
One tenth of stars may support life New Scientist
Scientific American - Telegraph.co.uk - The Australian - Sydney Morning Herald - and 31 related
via The Guardian..

Most Popular Applications
The most popular application was
Windows Media Player, reaching 34% of Net users; AOL Instant Messenger - 20.27%;
RealNetworks' players - 19.76%;
MSN Messenger - 19.31%; and,
Yahoo! Messenger - 12.26%.

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and Ooooh/Google

Internet Map from thinkgeek via G33k who hazzent post since 11:19 so she must be doing something cool or the weather up in Vermont's snowwee... or~best not say!?
Well! I miss her...madly deeply.....

Friday, January 02, 2004

Watching Komodo (1999)
Jill Hennessy says likes the Idigo Girls
Amounst the host of interests include lanuages

Viewing Tonight
The All New Digital Guardian Newspaper

tis register time..by Kieren McCarthy

Being Adventurios Phillip decided to take some pictures.. 1,066 pictures...
while i was traveling in singapore, shanghai and tokyo, i decided to take a photo of what i was doing, every 30 minutes, for 24 hours, 7 days a week for 21 days in a row. after 3 weeks, i ended up with over 1,066 photos. it was pretty tough, set lots of alarms, but now it's over, shew. below are a few, i plan to do a little showing soon here in seattle, and will send links to a few people if you really want to check it out, they're all online. yes, i realize this was a bit wacky to attempt.


Quick Time goes down, or does not want to open.. so no off-line movie editing..
update: It turns out it was a date conflict :-0

pictures from MacWorld 2003

Gary says this his site of 2003
Well, when it comes to fakes on the internet we all know that one? till a new one - just pops-up..
Fake Helipads - you know the BIG "H" with a large circle round it..
click on Home for more reads..

Crown Woods School
circa 1957 to 1962..


The Met Office started giving weather forecasts to the Press in 1879
The BBC is useing the latest high tech
virtual studio to give the map symbols high illumination..

Think Video Wall

If I had one of these..
I would not need two of these like 2 front tyres
for the Company Peugeot 206....
3. In the event of a
breakdown by Donna Theobald..
2. Battery Condition Conditions
1. Size reference guide
alpha: MOT checks
alphanegative dealer loci
alpha positive : car Manuel for an automatic
a wish list item

Thursday, January 01, 2004

The Case of The French Boxes
Waddesdon Manor

The Rothschild banking dynasty was immensely powerful in 19th century Europe. From roots in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt, Mayer Amschel's five sons set up a banking network in the then five major financial capitals of Europe - London, Frankfurt, Paris, Naples and Vienna. The Five Arrows, as they became known, did well, creating vast wealth and establishing themselves at the very peak of European society.

The family, renowned for it business acumen was also responsible for the creation of over forty magnificent buildings in Europe. On a hilltop overlooking the Aylesbury Vale, Waddesdon Manor is the last remaining complete example of le style Rothschild.

click here

fine photo

The Hall was burguled or some valuable items recently..

Times Square New Years Eve

I got this from %ofasee~sawn and ms blog list..
QTVR 360degree view requires QT5

The Most Noiseiest Piece of Music Ever Created, by Carl Orff
You know this, but because classical never had any structure if you never learnt to play, an instrument~korf! korf?
history of the creation..
..the samples do hear!

Well, here goes~nothing...

who I posted to last September..
Blogging on codes error?...
..at least somebodies trying to get about..
at least this time last year..

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Last Post

2 003 / 2 004 = 0.999500998
More about calculator

Happy New Year to all my readers

Wearable Hardware
either or groupe~ware...
"The Scurry" is a Samsung product in the pipeline only at the moment

from here ......
via gizmodo

Berners-Lee to be Knighted by Queen Elizabeth..
credited with interpreting early HTML questions when working at CERN the particle physics laboratory in Switzerland.
'The Semantic Web'
Today's World Wide Web is fundamentally a publishing medium—a place to store and share images and text. Adding semantics will radically change the nature of the Web—from a place where information is merely displayed to one where it is interpreted, exchanged and processed. Semantic-enabled search agents will be able to collect machine-readable data from diverse sources, process it and infer new facts. Programs that weren't made to be compatible with each other will share previously unmixable data. In other words, the ultimate goal of the Semantic Web is to give users near omniscience over the vast resources of the Internet, turning the millions of existing database islands into a single gigantic database Pangea.


High Fidelity (2000)
a review posted on the imdb

A man suddenly closer to middle age than to the carefree frivolous years of youth begins to understand the consequences of non-commitment in terms of his relationships with women, in `High Fidelity,' directed by Stephen Frears and starring John Cusack. When his girlfriend, Laura (Iben Hjejle), leaves him for the guy upstairs in their apartment building, Rob Gordon (Cusack) begins to take stock of his life by reflecting upon the `top five break-ups' he's suffered over the years, seeking answers to the seeming pattern of rejection that has plagued him since Junior High School. As he does so, it establishes a thread that runs throughout the film through which some insight into Rob's (as well as some of the others) character is gleaned: `Top five' lists that reference music (Rob owns a specialty record store, specializing in `vinyl') based on category and sub-category, with his `break-ups' and finally `top five jobs,' framing the story. Set in Chicago, with Rob's store in a neighborhood not especially conducive to `walk-in' trade, Frears sets a mood and atmosphere that conveys the freedom of a rock n' roll lifestyle and evokes the yearnings of youth on the threshold of discovering reality. Though Rob personifies an entire generation that has `been to the mountain,' only to be faced with coming back down again, Frears takes something of a lighthearted approach to Rob's angst, with a brisk pace and by infusing enough subtle humor (though somewhat dark at times) into the proceedings to keep it lively and entertaining. There's a gritty, down-to-earth feel to the film, along with a sense of time and place with which anyone in the audience will be able to relate on a personal level, for this is the kind of territory, in one way or another, that most people have traversed; a vicarious route to self-discovery, if you will. John Cusack is perfectly cast as Rob, carrying his cloud of burden with wry, almost self-deprecating amusement. His naturally outgoing persona is just right for illuminating Rob's introspective thoughts, which he shares with the viewer by speaking directly into the camera, and it works exceptionally well, for it conveys a sense of being privy to a most intimate confidence. And Cusack lends something of a Nicolas Cage `hang-dog' look to Rob, which gives him a quirky, likable appeal. Hjejle gives a notable performance as well, as the woman in Rob's life who at last precipitates his life altering musings. The supporting cast includes Jack Black, who turns in an exuberant, memorable performance as Barry, one of Rob's employees with aspirations of becoming a rock star; and Todd Louiso, as Dick, Rob's other employee, whose stark contrast in personality to Barry makes him equally as memorable. Rounding out the supporting players are Lisa Bonet (Marie DeSalle), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Charlie), Joan Cusack (Liz), Tim Robbins (Ian), Lili Taylor (Sarah) and Natasha Gregson Wagner (Caroline). Cleverly written (screenplay by D.V. DeVincentis from the book by Nick Hornby) and well presented, `High Fidelity' succinctly captures a specific culture and a lifestyle of ambivalence invested with obsessions and eccentricities (Rob, for example, sorts his personal record collection `autobiographically'). It's an entertaining, funny and sometimes insightful look at life as we know it; a good story with plenty of music, some laughs, and engaging performances, which make this film more than worth seeing, especially for fans of John Cusack, and for anyone who wants some insight into the influence popular music has indeed made upon the world in which we live. I rate this one 8/10.

I think Iben Hjejle Laura as actress is playing the older women to Rebecca De Mornay's young woman

article on

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started a blogroll from somewhere..
hit #1

When it comes to cameras it's a bit of money thing so when you past go~like compact/throw-away it's inter-changeable lenses..
I still have a Pentax LX system that ain't used no more that is the least battery oriented camera that's been on the market maybe excepting the Leica R6 (expensive) so when I sort of read this from Slashdot it were sorted.. to some extent = presume SamplerWebLog is attempting to code images somewhere..

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Innovation On The Road
By David Talbot
April 2001

Advanced automotive electronics used to mean digital dashboard displays or electronic fuel injection. But carmakers are now moving toward a full electronic embrace of basic systems ranging from valve timing to steering. To provide the needed juice, they are adopting a new 42-volt electrical system, replacing the 14-volt standard that has reigned since 1955.

Ford Motor was first to make a public commitment with its January announcement that the Explorer sport utility vehicle will include a 42-volt system in 2004, initially enabling a new combined starter/alternator. The engine would shut off at every red light; a tap on the gas would fire the starter/alternator, moving the Explorer forward while rapidly restarting the engine. Ford predicts dramatic fuel economy gains

Year in Review i
Internet Crime Center Changes Name eWeek - 17 hours ago FAIRMONT, W.Va. (AP)To reflect the broad nature of complaints it's handling, the Internet Fraud Complaint Center is changing its name to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3. Online crime up in 2003 The Register and 3 related »

G o o g l e

"Product of the Year": Spam E-mail
ShortNews.com - 29 Dec 2003
The New York research and consulting firm Basex has given its 2003 Product of the
Year award to Spam. This award marks its impact on the business community
. ...

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`Victorious Secret'

Monday, December 29, 2003

Tributes are paid to British comedian and television host Bob Monkhouse, who has died of cancer aged 75

Estella on Alan's bike in March
presently works at doorknobs


one of the surprise images
she needs her reflexology

1 Gigerpixel image
Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah..
How was it created? The first step in the creation of the image was to choose an appropriate subject. There are a number of technical issues that I had to consider that are not normally encountered when taking single images. For example, it took me 13 minutes simply to take all the photographs, and I was shooting as fast as my camera could write images to its memory card. So, I needed a subject that was relatively static. Secondly, I knew that I would have to use a very long focal length lens to take the image, otherwise the final composite would end up with an extremely wide field of view...something I didn't want. This also presented challenges due to the extremely short depth of field when using very long lenses.

The second step was to assemble the images. This was a complex and lengthy process. My normal procedure (using PTAssembler, Panorama Tools and Photoshop) was not sufficient in this case for a number of reasons because of the size and number of images I was working with. For example, the version of Photoshop that I use cannot work with images with pixel dimensions of more than 30,000. So, my solution was to modify some of the existing programs in my workflow, and write a number of new software programs to create this image.

from The Max Lyon Digital Gallery

via Loren's blog

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Carol does it - in the wet but she beat everyone else.. click
While, Simon Cowell beat everybody, even
jay kay which was respected once did a Rome~London trip in 14 hours, which is going it
brabus do conversions and cost a fortune Tom Cruise has one as do a couple of other people..

Brabus Internet connection

Death by Hamburger
David LaChapelle
Death from a hamburger
©David LaChapelle Studio Inc

..some interesting items...
also clunk

al la euro carte