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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Gwen Stefani

From a new~wish band singing with some style photo

October 9, 1999 On the final night of No Doubt's club tour, in a tender moment at The Fillmore in San Francisco, Adrian lures his girlfriend Nina to the stage, and before the thousand-plus fans, gets down on one knee, professes his love and then proposes. Nina shakes her head "yes" and the two exit the stage in each other's arms. The band, moved to tears, finishes the set with Vandals drummer Josh Freese covering for Adrian

postscriptin: Just bought the old album and felt such a sucker now I have to get the single..........:-(

No Doudt

Have had to register with tps because I get so~many
marketing calls without any standard of practice
that I feel is more than necessary these days..
I don't have a mobile at the moment but I bet that's a regular jungle......

This looks pretty cool from here..
so don't drool-it's a long ways to the shops from there..

QVCUK have 'today's special value' Kyocera 3.2MP 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera w/ Software & 80M
It's quite the sum total of want-haves needs..
includes flex-iable finder~screen/lens combi is thin enough to get in most pockets, and has really good start-up.. and sequence shotting of over three frames per second..
kyocera the origins of the Japanese professional system.. trust me........

Friday, January 09, 2004

serious stuff comes from The Washington Post amougst the hype from San Fransisco in th Media Rush...
hushed noise

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Canon Inc do a Nefertiti bust but not a stereolithiograph....
here in the UK


Copydesk Martin Conaghan must have crossed paths shortly after the new blog skin started got a comment from a model with some interesting thoughts, that you would beleive but you ever thought of thinking about? early last year...


Viki Neil was born 1974 in Ayrshire, and hails from a family of 15 brothers and sisters (all to the same parents). She started her working life in the Scottish poll tax office before becoming a model. She has appeared in almost all of the UK tabloid newspapers, numerous calendars, and has appeared in a variety of men's lifestyle magazines such as Maxim and the world-famous Playboy. She has been interviewed by Scotland's top broadsheet newspapers and has appeared on programmes such as BBC television's Late Flight. She is currently based in the UK, where she continues to work as a model, and will soon be launching her personal website.

Today I got caught by a mobile speed camera in a new section of a motorway here when going to pcworld to take a gandder at a Linex loaded tabletpc with this classification : This Linux OS for tablets isn't quite ready for prime time.
Price when reviewed: $1900 (for tablet and OS)
Current prices (if available)
but, need the NINE HOURS battery Life..

..and a BRIDGE Battery apps... to come

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Mark Winter told me about a story of Mel and her friends who shouted across The Medway to say "Do You Want To Go To A Party" way back in February 1985 when he was fishing with friends and when he and Company (nickname Tash) went to Allington Castle a door was opened and all he could see was a wall to wall view of girls..
Unfortunatly the girls from Surrey might have been expelled...

RealNetworks adds 99c music downloads with RelaPlayer 10
This looks good, but..

Kinks star Ray Davies shot by mugger
Guardian - Jan 6, 2004
The singer-songwriter Ray Davies of the Kinks has been shot and wounded in the leg by a mugger in New Orleans. The musician, who wrote You Really Got Me, was recovering yesterday after being released from hospital.
Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (subscription)
British rocker earns new title: Fearless Times Picayune
The Times, UK (subscription) - Reuters - The Age - Biloxi Sun Herald - and 215 related »
>The Sun Tabloid wrote the line "YOU REALLY SHOT ME"
and the mugger thought it was probably Cat Stevens..
..this from The Guardian who have plumt for charging 'to-view' ...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The image is the first segment of a planned 360° and 3D panoramic view of the robotic rover's landing site. The remaining sections are being taken, stored on board the lander, and gradually relayed back to Earth

You have seen this now what about

I'm at MacExpo for Steve Jobs' keynote,
Apple's new iPod minis, and iLife suite

Neil McIntosh report for the onlineblog in San Francisco..

They'll cost $249 in the US, which works out at £138 at today's exchange rate. But when they eventually reach the UK - in April - they'll cost £199. Either Steve Jobs knows something we don't about where exchange rates are going, or Apple's having a laugh at our considerable expense. I'd bring some over for y'all, but they don't go on sale here until February..

Watch a Quick Time Video of the 1984 advert..

Yesterday, A Sun Newspaper reader says, that Beagle 2 could only have been stolen! by aliens?....
but..perhaps not http://www.itsbeenstolen.com/
like this-was not ....

[ Sun Nov 16, 09:09:27 PM ]
Remote operating designed helicopter goes missing -
Nov 13 2003
RED faces for Israeli company Steadycopter who have come to really understand the phrase: "Don't keep all you eggs in one basket."
The firm were delighted to have a one-of-a-kind product, a pilotless helicopter which they took three years to develop - until the prototype was stolen on Saturday night.
"The helicopter is unique. No other company in the world has succeeded in operating such a flying machine, capable of independent flying without remote control.
"Many companies have tried, but none of their tests worked," Steadicopter business development director Amir Rochman told Israeli magazine Globes.

[ Sun Sep 28, 06:28:14 PM ]
Just requested a News Feed from Google on The Moon Mission ....
Google Search: google.public.labs.newsalerts

lots and lots of posts on the subject..
kile how to delete?
tickers, have had that sort of thing on the mobile before I had it stolen!
Nokia - Phones Support

[ Thu Sep 04, 10:01:49 PM ]
When this camera was introduced it was THE THING and everybody wanted one the styling by Colani of Italy so that was it!

Crystal's boyfriend had one which got stolen

Monday, January 05, 2004

Steve Jobs and what he wears..

When Steve Jobs, the founder and head of Apple Computer, takes the stage at the start of the annual Macworld Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday wearing his trademark uniform of black jeans and sweater..
He could be wearing an iPod under his garments..
so look for..

via Google
and The Independant
I posted this last night but the Blog server was down..

NASA's Mars Mission Pictures via Yahoo
..over a hundred of the things....

..to open slide show click here ..

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Laurie Zimmer
Do You Remember Laurie Zimmer?
Un film de Charlotte Szlovak

2002 / 60 min
Qu'est devenue cette jeune et prometteuse actrice de Hollywood ? A la recherche de "la femme à la voiture" dans les banlieues interminables de Los Angeles, habitées par le mythe du cinéma.

Charlotte's produced the film "Do You Remember Laurie Zimmer"?

VideoVista's Biograph on John Carpenter direction....

Crap Arrest Of The Week
..from The Great Debate Message Board : Front Page
Trau Morgus - 14th post - 31 Dec 2003 16:13
For not using a shopping basket!
In a new low in supermarket fascism a man was arrested and then fined £95 for not using a basket when he went into his local Eddah store to buy one item. When Carst Kijlstra, from Holland, went to pay for it the shop assistant refused to serve him saying he must have a basket. “Don’t be ridiculous” said Mr Kijlstra who then left the money on the counter and went home. At home while cooking his dinner a cop car arrived at his house to arrest him. After being held for an hour Mr Kijlstra was allowed to go home if he agreed to pay the £95 fine and stay out of the shop for 12 months

You have to be in the man's shoes - so I don't wanna k-now...

not source