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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, March 20, 2004

All about the Wiki Wiki Sandbox from clickonline

Link to site via Kate Russell

The New Kodak 14 megapixel Single Lens Camera reviewed be luminiouslandscape The images taken on test from Michael Reichmann are of a bookcase in his office... via Josh Rubin at Gizmodo.

Tonight We that is Simon and I had a giggle about the hump on the Camel because the africans in Egypt were considering a pyrimid with four legs..


Friday, March 19, 2004


This might be an attempt to cross the old line of attrichion you know you go out in a warm weather pattern and then all those promises? who's are all dashed because you feel the cold, a chill! usually shocking?
September Films have made some remarkable features for television from around the world.. but I have not got anything really useful to say because I need to get a catalouge and I am not making any headway so that makes me very very impatient..
Big Deal it is that's the strength or general reasoning.


Thursday, March 18, 2004

Harriet Harman made a fopar on Question Time the BBC Television Programme with an audiance debate...
..said "when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister" blah blah blah raptuious applause and gaforing......


Blame it on Rory Blyth as he explains..
Chris Sells is out and he forgot his laptop so he won't get much done while away...

plant topping here

wrong number

If you were to call my land line you would not get this normally?storm hairdressing ..so it must have been a wrong number...

When I went for a few days in Manhattan in 1999.. I missed this boohoo
The Lady Liberty Helicopter Tour for a pifferling sum of $56...
Which would include the following

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patrick's Day but Frank's having a huff...
So I ain't consoulings you...

NEW PLANET this week

Distant Sedna Raises Possibility of Another Earth-Sized Planet in Our Solar System

image log
Kramer's view

and comments from farkweblog

maybe I'll do a picture of me holding my andes up or not..which is of course the new planets name backwards.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Today is my eye test time to smash some valuable glass antiques

Monday, March 15, 2004

Geek with no Week!

Why was Wednesday so bad? Ian G - HOST - 1280th post - 12 Mar 2004 18:10
As promised in 'Not rocket science' here's a more technical outline of what failed:
"While someone was manually tarring up (compressing) the archived messages in the INN database the disk ran out of space. This was due to a bug in Solaris that doesn't report that correct disk utilisation. So when the tar file was just meant to squeak in under the max disk utilisation it didn't. When the INN server next wrote to its control file that file was corrupted. When the INN server tried to read it it couldn't and kept getting stuck in a loop.

Internet Services had to stop the server, manually delete some files, unmount the file system and fix the corrupted files. Then they had to restart everything."

Josh Rubin is the VP for Product Development at Upoc Networks, and is the guest blogger this week at gizmodo in Manhattan...

Well, for starters for me this Bluetooth FrogPad will reinvent the Treo 600 PDA market..
It's a cute cute bluetooth enabled keypad...

First Automotive Cheat Code

JOEL JOHNSON -- Lucky owners of BMW M3 with the sequential manual gearbox (BMW, we still haven't gotten that test unit you sent over) are driving the first car with a built-in cheat code..
which allows you to do dougnuts - floor the heavy pedal - and the brakes - while smoking tyres..

Schrodinger's Cat

The London Sun reported on Friday October 23rd 1998..
Welsh Boffin makes first step towards Trek travel BEAM ME UP TAFFY
A Star Trek-loving boffin from a Welsh University is set to rock the world of physics - after inventing a TELEPORTER " "We'll certainly not do it in my lifetime but a 100 years is an optimistic view"..

home page

Sunday, March 14, 2004


Natasha Henstridge posed naked in this $49,500 chair

Watched The Species 1995 a couple of years ago I caught the sting of the script but it's just seems so violent now Micheal Madsen plays one of the investigators in the alien threat but is best known for Reservoir Dogs 1992 and more recently Grand Theft Auto III but it's Natasha Henstridge who's doing all the woppie crash, bang, wallop.. demanding babies and pathways...

Criminals phone Home©

Stu explains what happens to a mobile phone when it's in like normalish use....
you can count, on it

Judasphone : As soon as your mobile phone is switched on, even if you are not making a call, it reveals its position to the cell network. So spooks can track you, making a travel profile. Many phones also have an escape sequence called 'babyphone mode'. It means that if the phone is switched on, someone can call the phone (silently, without it ringing) and turn on the microphone. An ideal bugging device. And of course, since it is known where you are (resolved to the nearest cell), a suicide-bomber with his own mobile phone ( for initial guidance) and a photo of you (for final target acquisition) makes an ideal anti-personnel guided missile.
You didn't know that? Sleep well then ;-)

It's not been said much but the culprits were located by this sort of means who devastated Madrid, Spannish Country last week..

Link to Stu

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QVCUK are selling for £13+4pp The Power Safer PS 1.1 automatically disconnects the TV set from the mains only a few seconds after standby mode has been activated. In addition, the Power Safer provides improved safety with its integrated surge absorber which protects your equipment from power surges. The TV set can be reactivated simply using the remote control. It stops electricity consumption in standby mode, protects you from electromagnetic radiation and extends the useful life of your equipment..
"It is said to cost 16 pence per annam in current to power it and saves £16 per year if the TV set is off for twenty hours per day"
But you should plug it into Belkin Surgemaster Double Pack w/ 4 Socket & Modem Protection
first...which are guarenteed for life..

It's been noted that some computer geeks found welding flaws in the arch structure must have been reflecting on a wobble factor of The New Thames Footbridge. Of the microstran.com the consortium (list of projects)

The Arch

The most striking highly visible feature of the new stadium will obviously be the 133 metre tall arch that sits above the north stand. The steel arch is 315 metres long and will become the longest single roof structure in the world. It will be visible right across London.

The arch supports all of the weight of the north roof and 60 per cent of the weight of the southern side. By using an arch to bear some of the weight of the southern roof it is possible to retract the south roof to allow light and air onto the pitch.

The arch also ensures that there are no pillars in the new stadium which could obstruct the views of fans. Offical Site


John Malkovich a champion 'leg wrestler' like this was on the terrestial channel VGN who made Being John Malkovich which I watched a year or so ago 'a really wacky script which shows a translation of the actor layman relationship.. sort of a poor man's sci-fi portal to somewhere special..
He also made Dangerous Liaisons and the sexual inuendoes in that with the victims being the women of substance...