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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Claudia explains the advantages of this new Centrino powered lap top with an xtra battery and it's wireless capablility lets you go outside in your environment to a hot spot that has to be known and used by others so? QVCUK.com Shopping FOR ONE DAY ONLY

Friday, August 08, 2003

Stricktley speakin a billion is a million million but as the old addage goes a US rancher could'nt be bothered to write out twelve naughts but I understand that astronomers still use 12 0's maybe they have to respect the exchanges NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Club (693.html): "In England, a billion used to be 1,000,000,000,000
However, it is now 1,000,000,000
Richard "

Who would pay over a thousand smackers for a TV remote BlueDo

One day these things will be more than useful but not like this?

What do geeks do when walkin home-do they forget thingggs Gizmodo : Gadget fun in the streets of San Francisco

Thursday, August 07, 2003


This is the kind of shooting tool I'm looking for DiMAGE A1

and the system layout above?

Nina does the BBC London News and she is cute BBC - London - TV & Radio - Presenters - Nina Hossain

Internet Anagram Server: Anagrams for Heres the things i ment

but did'nt!

Well I could, but who's holding down?

Send a friend or enemy a picture/note CardStore.com -- Design your own custom paper greeting cards -- We'll print and mail them for you

HOT! HOT! HOT! and that's only the weather?
36 degrees

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

about in the Library: when I logged I got the new zanny format, but seem to have the old format over the past few days? at home!

In the Library: and found this :-

regarding only wearing the hardware.....Ananova - Electric clothing could power computers

If your into juicy sounds - then this is the mustard so why have'nt I sorted it?PIONEER CDJ-1000MK2 SET TO BE RELEASED

In 1993 I experianced difficaulty at a round-about in South London due to new priorities and it was when my father was in hospital for a serious operation I found this disturbing and clostrophobic I don't know what this ment? The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Monday, August 04, 2003

Lexar Medianew4GB compact flash card for use with fat32 compliant cameras

if you still have a 35mm camera this is for you Welcome to Siliconfilm

some refineary Fullerene - Broadcast Projects

Power Computer the local store says I can have Broadband Wireless Networks NOW
WOW factor scale : ACE

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Tempting - fairly! QVCUK.com Shopping

the koolest place on the planet Welcome to Moonfruit Sitemaker