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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Two Carters in the fewgee Myleene Klass Fansite
Downloads: "Tocatta
A superb arrangement of Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D minor. (5513 bytes)"

One of the most Beautiful machines on the road...
Road racer: "Performance: top speed 205mph, 0-62mph in 3.9sec, 0-125mph in 9.9sec, EC Urban fuel consumption 9.9mpg, CO2 emissions 429g/km."


Four Years ago I stayed here at JFK for a 'shoppers weekender'
Chatting to one of the reception staff mentioned the fact that there are nine zeros in 1 Billion but when it comes to Astonomical detail there are twelve zeros...
JFK Terminal services map

When everything goes perfectly well there is nothing more delightable than a good break in the toll in life, little drudgery....

Next week the BBC are to tour the UK to find the answer to the reason why people get tired/lazy should help EGG LIKER
with what your trying to say.

fatigue and thing on

Friday, October 24, 2003

If you were prepared to carry everything but the kitchen sink, then this could not over-whelm you
Videography - The Daily Video Resource: "Since many amateurs employ their camcorders as editing devices, the HD10 supports audio dubbing, random assemble editing, insert editing, slow-motion playback, and even playback zoom, which allows the recorded picture to be zoomed by a factor of 20."

The Eurostar recently went beyond their record speed, exceeding 150 miles per hour..TGVweb - Eurostar

Is it a Bird, - Is it a Man, Yes it is - It's Concorde
The Last Flight takes-off NOW from LHR - London Heathrow for Edinburgh...
BBC NEWS | In Depth | Concorde retirement
Message Board - Concorde
Concorde Alpha Golf under dark skies of JFK will take-off for the last flight for LHR UK with some very well known passengers
John F. Kennedy International Airport
includes Joan Collins
and Christie Brinkley
Jodie Kidd

Mary Goldring who did support Concorde from the start - she was a stunner!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

About James Clerk Maxwell the Scientist who wrote his theory on Electromagnetic waves - brought us radio television and radar..
Telegraph | Arts | Scientist and gentleman
Little known about outside his circle of interested parties..
random search
The Book

Maidstone's First Local Based Radio Service - a community effort from the commercial sector
20/20 FM - Bringing Local Radio to Maidstone

Moves to cut hedges by Councils will create fund shortfall
BBC News | UK | Move to cut hedge wars
with council taxes

The BBC click-online archive which is probably quit useful
clickable links

Need a Flag go no furtherCIA - The World Factbook -- Flags of the World

One Man record attempt to take off soon
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Branson in flight record attempt

The Dutch make a large advance in the record structure to improve a solar powered vehicle in The World Solar Challenge Twenty years on we might see this as a more realiable form of supply..

Is it new? or is it mearly seconds?
Froogle Browse Category: Electronic Components

Is this a new search engine...

I can obtain a 1Mbps service fromWelcome to Telewest BroadbandZDNet UK - News - 1Mbps ADSL gets lift-off
But when I have a digital Video Camera that makes say 2Meg stills and can transfer the files to a web site Not so fastand I have updated my present notebook spec. I don't see me getting off this fence!

When did you have a phoney service that liked your choice in musical scoresJeremy says the paper tastes dirty?
By dialling 2580 now when you hear that item you get a text back so you can list it in a catalougue you have set-up?Just like this Get zooming

Well, I have but what IS really New now...
Confessions of a G33k: PowerBook sleep issue

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

We just had a five minute hail storm, so that was that?
BBCi - Weather Centre

Some search results for my words of infamous dealings..

Pentax heretook the market by storm in 1976 when they showed the ME and MX because the Olyumpus latest line in the SLR market was the diminutive OM1 made 25% smaller by the use of electronic controls over traditional mechanical mechanisms, but the ME came with a revolutionary slim "pancake" lens only 10mm long that let you put the camera in a fairly large pocket..Sony are employing a Carl Zeiss Lens that uses optics that have elements that not only have focus inturnally but have somehow done this without the 'consetina' movements!

I expect we will have a new idea for those kids soon that not only requires them to have a mobil phone at the early age of the informative years but a PDA that can BLOGtheir own promises?BBC - Parenting - Talking Teenagers campaign
But Jane may just have, another point-of-viewhere
Dial M for maddening
MY new house is on a border that falls between two separate British Telecom exchanges.

My address should be an 0207 code but the nearest telegraph pole is 0208.

I know this as fact so, when asking for a phone line to be installed, naturally I pointed it out. The ensuing chain of events has to be read to be believed.

“Sorry Miss Moore,” said customer services, “I can only allocate the number I have on the screen in front of me.”

“But is it an 0208 number?”

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Business Standard .. The next generation of internet addresses

Cost of Freedom
Millions of Russians pay nothing for WinXP, Office
If Russians pay nothing for the application do they still have what comes with the problems..

I am pretty nearly bored to death again....
so locating this media award lists is news
[Flashforward2003.Com >> ]

taking a look at some of these are likely to spoil all your favorities to complete ablivion, so take care, please
..here goes nothing
X BOX 4/10
Xbox Live Experience
ART 5/10
Locus Novus - Wallace Granger's Breakfast
Maybe/Maybe not?
Some interesting nav protocols
||| D I A D |||
demosvideo juke box??
selling sounds via the hardwares
satellite radio-stream/SALES!!!!
LIKES 7/10

Monday, October 20, 2003

Forceing electrons throgh electrons ....
and reading the positive/negative charges
A splashing discovery ...
I shall not push this cause there are more people with more words
than I intend to fake on

No one thinks of a pocket-sized mouse, and probably never will
Gizmodo NYNY
..so if someone was to bring out a really BIG one..
it would not say much? .......


I could show you some video footage of news feed here, but BLOGGER are not still upgrading to *blog..
show you some stills Heidi's Show
from QuickTime
Jay Leno interviews Martin Short entertainer! and Heidi Klum does a fashion shoot

Anastacia and Sheryl Crow have only been in my area of reception in the last few months so if I get the time to review their number I might be buying their stuff....maybe?

When I was working at Stanhope Gate just round the corner of the Playboy Club
and Arnold Weinstock
was chairman of G.E.C.
I meet Dave outside the office one launchtime in the sixties, when he was head of LWT

Front Page news (to be logged) regarding Princess Diana "Light Camera Action" the Mirror.co.uk are saying they have a controversial document (letter) that says Diana knew about the risk that someone would make...get up in the morning! go to work?

more to follow! please watch other space..
..it might rain here!


This is the last week that Concorde
will be in normal service across the Atlantic, on Friday Sir David Frost says he's booked onto the last flight, just for the fabulious experiance

Sunday, October 19, 2003


Is it us, or was this a really slow week for new gadgets? There were a bunch of big launches earlier this month (the Treo 600, those three new Palms, the N-Gage, that Voq Smartphone, etc.), but there's been virtually nothing major of note this week, except for that new Segway HT.