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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, August 23, 2003


My Manor in Lights for publishing

Some old photos from when I was younger
Friends Reunited - School Picture Board

video make-up of footage made of Mt. Everest player-320

An Angus McBean Picture (4 exposures) Google Search: Angus McBean

Masive Flash Site on the arts...foreign langages but quite well organised..Tokyoskool

Our Forefathers: what we do now...STARTREK.COM : Detail

Pinch-Me, tis on Sky Movies tonight at 20:00 BST alas I don't use the channel Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Well, I've got out at last...
visited my local tech shop, and, am still looking for that wifi network bridge! seriousstuff

at the library looking to do the bulk phone book search.............
any success willl do?

Wingspan 2003 - Homepage THIS BE MY WEEK-END Treat

What do you think now, then?
Gizmodo : Bush not a gadget freak like us

"169,400,000 people in the US access the internet. 92% of them query search engines" 1

"85% of internet users use search engines to find the sites they want" 2

"Search engine listings are the number one way to generate traffic on websites" 3

Welcome to Moonfruit Sitemaker

Helen Mirrens latest role-bar transition
and she Anthony agonizes (antagonizes) over her ability to perform hence the nudity question...
Telegraph | Arts | 'Actually, we're terribly well covered up'

Friday, August 22, 2003

Gamers need apply:
Untitled Document

Missed this last night blast! probably have seen, but wanted an update....BBC - What's On - Programme Information for Robert Hooke: Victim Of Genius

adaware movie thing follow this blog to circumstance....Stevland's Super Fast Computer

What's it all about Alfie - everybodys heard about the marketing thing "Streaming Video" but not everybody has a high speed connection, My sister uses dial-up and found that it took an age for her to up-load my sites..... does patience work here?

Ad-aware - Software - Lavasoft

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Seven Deadly difficault(s)
Amazon.co.uk: Books: Learning, Remembering and Knowing (Teach Yourself S) unclearness - incompleteness - heaviness - unfamiliarity - ambiguity - complexity - and - abstractness

09:26 hours BST : In safemode, defraging main hard drive, when would you beleive it, the computer made a noise? must be my imagination, weird- 0:)

Trying to locate an article about land-line economics in 1996 in The Telegraph but the search engine keeps coming out of the time period.....Peter Cochrane

What makes people buy a computer? Mark is useing a photo site I found about three months ago with a couple of his works of art..
But I have some 400Mbytes of .avi files that I want to keep off my C:/Win 98 platform but is on..

..on the look-out for a site that stores personal movie files?

View Album

but we'll have to find a better way to link into secure info, this should link down:


How many times do I have to see lina in Hackers? Obsessed: Angelina Jolie     -     y o u r number #1 angelina resource!

Much to our disapointment? Cruft: USB Coffee Cup Warmer


has anyone seen a small light powered USB - so-qute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Iam going to be showing what can be done with those 'ittle plastic grips that hold the beer together.... watch-this-space

Inside Film Magazine // Press
When a dying woman is wheeled into a California emergency room, more than twenty hospital staffers quickly fall ill. Scientists attempt to solve the mystery behind her death, asking the question: can the human body itself turn toxic? After taking a blood sample from Gloria Ramirez, a nurse notices the smell of ammonia. Within minutes, several ER staffers collapse. The hospital declares an emergency and a Hazardous Materials team enters to check for poisons. But the HAZMAT team finds nothing unusual, and the patient's autopsy reveals few clues. With no easy answers, scientists must search further afield to solve a forensic mystery.

This was on Channel4.com terrestial UK television one day in January 1995..
have never heard of any reason since....

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Gizmodo: Comment Preview

my genuine stupid brain did this x4
but I could not see ....

Comments: Gadgets for surviving the next blackout

Elliott Systems makes very reliable quiet generators for home use (I've actually got one of the 12kW models). These things are computer controlled, test themselves weekly, and automatically switch on the power if there's a loss of grid service. The best thing about having a relatively large unit is that as long as you don't use the air conditioning or electric clothes dryer, you don't need to worry about how much stuff you're running and how much power the thing can supply. The unit comes enclosed in a metal box to muffle noise, and it's frame has built in skids to keep the body from rusting if the unit is sitting in a puddle or something.

I chose this unit due to a combination of factors, but the sum of it's cool features and high reliability should make it the geek's generator of choice ;-) It's abit pricy, but worth it areas where the power goes out 2 or 3 times a year.


Posted by Dave Weinstein at August 18, 2003 09:28 PM


Mirror.co.uk - iblog SIGNED ANON
Aug 18 2003

A Road Sign?

Slang over edge but is it in the English language? Internet Anagram Server: Anagrams for tit wank without swollow

This looks rather good I Hate This Key Online Help
ever used a key and did'nt know what it did?

Monday, August 18, 2003

Anything this good deserves a view : wonders how this might advance, Sony latest has a Compact Card slot Sony DSC-F828 Hands-On Preview: Page 1. Introduction [Digital Photography Review]

Playing the Rules GamesArcade.Net - FREE Online Games, Viral Games & Marketing.

I will be allowed to post this sort of stuff - thing

Ooooh Joy? You have'nt stumbled on something there! Well in the UK press Sadam has been carry-car-cheered as Veronica Lake http://www.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,3604,1020801,00.html
if your old enough to know what she done, (naughty thoughts?)
so where does that get little 'ol me?
It just scares the shit-o-of it? Sorry about that but it's all my fall, bollocks just does not cut it?
but, you could pick an anagram of VL here

I won't do that again, will I?

chasties me at Time/Life somehow


Demi Moore was on The David Letterman Show last week? putting on a brave face, considering her what's his name....
joking about things like you do, you know love is and all that, but I ain't being a sloppy floppy back-up am I - so it

[Ed: Recently in comp.misc, users started describing how they had put floppies through their paces, and yet still found them readable. Some folks decided the discussion got out of hand, and I enjoyed this one.]

That reminds me of the time, a few years ago when I left home with my 5" master floppy in my pocket.
Suddenly a gust of wind blew it into the road where it was run over by a passing military parade and it ended up in a patch of quick-drying cement.

When I retrieved it the cement had set so I took it home to recover as I'd lost the backup some days previously. I chiselled off the cement from the disc but then my friend came along and suggested that, as the disc was 'dead', we should see how much damage it could take.

We nailed it to the ceiling, and hung the cat from it, then used it as a dart board, incidently did you know that if your a good aim, a dart will exactly fit through the index hole? By now the disc was a little bit grubby so we carefully opened the black jacket, removed the disc and washed it in boiling water, making good use of the brillo pads. After drying it with my blowtorch I tried it in my disc drive.

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then a wisp of smoke slowly rose from the slot.
Grabbing the disc wouldn't fit so I had to cut off the edges until it did. Tentatively I tried to boot and...

Imagine my surprise when it worked! all my files were readable, except for the ones stored in the bits I cut off to make it fit the drive.

This really happened. I concluded that it only went to show.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

more fractal stuff Beauty of Fractals

Really Beautiful fractal art...Beauty of Fractals - Animated images

fractals in QuickTime AltaVista: Video Search results for: fractal geometry


Star Trek The Next Generation 'lessons'
New Science officer teaches the Captain to play flute duet and, not steller cartography with out fractal geometry DigiGuide: The Best TV Guide



A Rightious Act Like burning all the best and favourite video's and burning the rice on the stove at - the same time - dont laugh!?

Symbols - not the ones you bash together? SYMBOLS.com -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms


My old Pentax LX systems

Flying Fish for catching? SWiSH - Download Flash Animation Software - Tutorials Movies Menus Buttons Examples Templates