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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I Can't do a thing about this can I we have to que-up?

British Library gets Royal accent to store and save electronic data, from now on.
Some years ago when a copy of every printed item was safely stored it increased the shelf space by four miles per year, it was said..
via iblog
What non-print materials will now be saved? The major categories of non-print materials include:
- Publications accessed over the Internet, e.g. electronic journals.
- Websites - a limited and well-defined range of sites, judged to be research-level, will be regularly harvested for addition to the national archive.
- Publications on media other than paper, such as microfilm or fiche.
- 'Hand-held' electronic publications on media such as CD-ROM or DVD.

Julia is a software engineering person who works in the business of support solutions and runs the.com I think she has a tablet PC., so I don't know anything : NO PICTURES yet!

An interesting log of music releases over the last ten years calender

cityscape time lapse in Quick Time via gtablog used compression tools
to engineer two thousand stills into 15 seconds from 13 hours. Quite a task.


viewer site map

Sinard O'Connar sings "Nothing Compares To You" a well rehersed song and was a hit, and tear jerker..... but now she changed her preferences...
lyrics and the listing in The Best of lists here

geek girl blogarti tilt the screen on Gator (adaware) so we all see nothing in it till it's in your art and out of your pocket, and...

she comes from here

This weeks pictures from around The World

This is absolutely stupid : but then I am in defence highest grossing spenditure so what ever : just think boys games and go for a spin-off............

It seems that I have contacted the worst Throat infection that is possible to get?

remedies are not of help
..in taking change on..

Fire does Work
Bit early for GFN but if you do click on the black screen window when it's loaded....

Friday, October 31, 2003

Since my Google search software went down this is the first news mail I got, so is a fluke smart
mybe my ionboard does not dalk anglaisea

Dave Bowie Site found via fusehock a singer of our times which seems to have some kool schemetia-inter~tune
I liked The Tin Machine..
Besides The Changes Album...
Did not really come from the early years but I wont say?
I'll be trying on The Club Mix CD purchase....

Sun Tabloid Myleene the Hear' Say singer does an 'I Confess' - to a web chat board, "Can't you just feel this"!
How did your appearance on Frank Skinner, when you cried, change your life?
Michelle, Bolton

I can't begin to tell you. I didn't go out that night because I was so ashamed. I thought everybody would be laughing at me, thinking I was a head case.

I went out the next day and a woman jammed her car up against me at the petrol station. She opened the car door and jumped in, and I thought "I can't take this anymore".

But then she hugged me, and both of us – in the forecourt of a BP garage – were hugging and crying. She was saying "I'm so sorry" and I was like, "I know".

It was a revelation for me, because a lot of people think I am very strong and very hard and I can be like that when I need to be - but I am not that strong actually and it doesn't take much to set me off.

I just couldn't take it anymore, I kept smiling but I was crying inside and the pressure cooker exploded.
Sweet! bit long drawn for me brain...
quite interested in her classical turn!

Margate's Fun Palace Not known, but the fun fair in Margate South East coast resort is to close.
I used to work near-by in the late 70's in Broadstirs here and saw the delicious Bo Derek in
Sigourney in Alien.
(Besides some of the local talent) at The Dreamland Cinema which was a nice place to go.

It's Rain We have not had rain for some time, even though the UK is renowned for the green pastures....

Pumpkins borrowed from Euan
Have you bought yours, yet -

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Butterfly Keyboards I have put this in because this looks interesting...
Can you imagine having tee-shirts with a keyboard printed on them..
Probably a desert rat idea over a drink?

tuner in mobils I don't think this will work for me - alone...
Are Mobils a national thing?
Or are they International
Can you see what I mean

via Gizmodo

So much for 64 bit when you have Speed of Light What will come first...

Yarhoo buys music Is this the cat amongst the pigeons...

Atlantic City multi-storey parking lot collapses - the aerial view and the 27 other pictures shows the mind-boggling notion that can we build it...

morpghing playboy centrefolds Somebody took every centrefold and placed them in the same image. This is the result?
via superfastcomputer

Harald's Pic Blog in Quick Time does some hard and fast rules in time lapse....
plus some extraordinary still life studies..

Meg Ryan's Gallaie After watching her talk to Micheal Parkinson I don't think I am any the wiser, as to what she attributes her success to!

Sun journalist Emma Jones has just been appointed editor of Smash Hits.
Emma Jones talks dirty again
Brains of a Donkey

speed test
of my Broadband connection, at this time...

The Dark Side or the grey area...
..of the internet marketing when sales are in the downturn because of spam, trojans, data mining, and goodies!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Betsy's Dream What will Betsy do know, that IDS has been stabbed in his democratic pin stripped back...
Not the local Conservative association launch..
home where the harth be

Eubank buys Peterbilt
Chris Eubank the ex-Boxer sold his Aston bought Range Rover then got a Peterbilt when he fell in love with one on holiday in Florida.
I bet he does not use it for important journeys?
but, what are important journeys!

Slide Show More Pictures, the California Fires..
I don't think we have any idea as to what this is doing?

listening list #1 here's a take on representive idea in the form of 'periodic tables' - for music and a funky dimension..

On Saturday I went over to my sister's place she's got back from her trip to Orlando and she was showing me some of the property prices for $100T you could get a decent size condo half the dosh you would chuck at your here..
And Alan told me about like what was an Archos removeable hard-drive that compresses video without a computer...claiming a cheap price... but could not remember any details..
dream homes


fatigue we are now told - if you are tired drink your java cause it's a jungle out there..
and the idea that you should drink - water, is a fallacy?
..but that has to be if your used to your own lifestyle!
>Are we more tired and overworked than our parents and grandparents were at our age? What was their secret to a less exhausting life? <

idea to build
into a world of the the property developer..

nausea is a symptom of our environments
I can sometimes feel something that can't be explained in real-time, making me feel - sick.
I found this out at a younger age, and now can improve my chances of survival...

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

word search Amazon intend that you can now search for a set of words in a book... 120, 000 books all 33 million pages...

Sigma SD10 SLR
This sounds like quite a departure in photography, but we will have wait to see if the special CCD means that much..

Video Mobilized
Although limited to video sent over a cellphone network, the Nokia 7700 is a forerunner to gadgets that company officials say will be able to receive video over conventional television airways. The new device will be available in Europe in the second quarter of next year, and will cost about $580.

Pocketable Computing
The Modular Computing Core is being launched on 7 November by Antelope Technologies, a Colorado-based start-up. The device is a single portable unit into which all the essential computing components are crammed. At 76 by 127 by 19 millimetres (5 x 3 x 3/4 inches), the MCC is not much bigger than a deck of cards.

Easy CD Creater makes CD-R or CD-RW (re-writeable) but little is known what to do when it goes all wrong...
And the competition Nero
This is an alternative a re-moveable hard drive..
..but is of course more expence..
The whole point of copying data is to back-up your valueable stuff so if you crash! (I have re-stored the whole thing six times and as my set-up came without a Win98 CD but a Compaq CD restore system you can't do a special restore in particular without having somewhere to put it.... if you have valueables...
then we have a digital camera that uses Compact Flash cards that have digital loading available but not AV-in
that is .avi movies in...but is possible with the newer system cameras...
that's why I Blog so you can juggle some informations..
The best place to see Photo reviews
Flash Cards

Fires of Los Angeles-Ventura county play on the minds of all?
A 90,000-acre wildfire that straddles the Los Angeles-Ventura county line began moving slowly toward million-dollar mansions in a gated community in Los Angeles. California Department of Forestry Battalion Chief Thomas Foley said that in a "worst-case scenario," the blaze could spread all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

No Waiting at RED Lights Motoring gadget 2003 now I wonder, if this ever gets over here in one piece... I Want One! Now!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Who Sang It Guess who sang the lyrics - and see if you win...

via Mirror/iblog

Longhorn 2006 but there's a beta release next year.
Among the features shown off were transparent windows, animated windows that pop open and a new taskbar on the righthand side of the screen that displayed a clock, buddy list, and news and other information streamed onto the desktop via an RSS feed.
side bar / task bar


Sunday, October 26, 2003

I logged on a different sort of way today, and found this.....We're no longer offering Blogger Pro as a separate product and we're folding most of the features into regular (free) Blogger.
So I can put images into my free Blog now? then!....

How do you make a Music Listen Listings, if you have all the said WORLD published scores....
Where do you begin?
There may be file sharing par-say.....
Apples iPod have a list available, but how do they intend to encompass that realm!
Now Windows is doing the same, and RealNetworks are intending to make their mark...
I don't see that this is going to acheive anything historic.

Category Muzik

Siouxie [not Suzy and the] was said to haunt a little hamlet near where I was brought up Bulls Head Chislehurst

Everyone has heard this if they haven't watched it through and through a carefully diffined idea for teaching ideas THE MATRIX
Geof Darrow the Conceptual designer..
Z on the artistic side...
"Hard Boiled is a Dark Horse Comic by Frank Miller and Matrix designer/storyboard artist that tells the tale of Nixon a completely surreal story in which you are never certain if he is a robot or what. The script was extremely thin, and Miller basically just left Darrow to create massive scenes of intricate design that were packed with so mych detail and reference that the reader could spend hours looking at everything going on in each frame. All of it cool".

googlism for my message board title at BBC

The reason why digital cameras give an out-of-focus sub-standard effect is because if the light does not hit the CCD at right angles (important) it will give a higher percentage of error 5 meg from Olyumpus has the widest angle lens said to be on the market at present...
a 35mm angle of view 60 degrees. 35mmx24mm

the luggage people will be furnishing a new Nokia if looks could kill -

Seasonal Photo in Quick Time from egg liker

BBC Top Gear
Tonight we see what a Porsche GT3 does in the wet! and
Ford GT40 latest batch which sounds OK!
Last series on Top Gear: go to link..

Nokia N-gage
and whats-not worn on your own head..
Jeremy demonstrated how to get more range from your car's remote locking keys, instead of holding it at an arm's length hold it to your temple? apparently gives you another ten metre at the end of the range...

Got to Mission 21 today old space invaders brought up-todate...invade here
score 46750

I have had to now uninstall my GOOGLE toolbar as something came up in Explorer...

How Qwerky Are You-
source for large shoulders

female sings All You Wanted - site has some unique image creation....
young love
hears her in her sleep, poor thing?

Discounts Hell - promises, promises..
dancing at errant.org: Day four and twenty of October

trinkets: gallorious via egg liker

First signs of true nature - since the race began to find the answer in gnome mapping
Times Online - Health
..if there are mature genes what does it mean?