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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, November 06, 2004

continuios line=optical line ~ dashed line=tripod screw line

An ideas is to hit the streets to stretch our tele-photo capabilities - this is the first attempt to bring add-ons to the digital~age from innovations go see my comment via red ferret journal and Gizmodo

Really BIG glass

I can highly recommend newz crawler version 1.7 the rss/atom feed reader which I tryed for the last two weeks trial, it is blessing probably the 1001 story sure are all of what is hitting us each and every day of the year, But? I don't have the time to organise myself too well at the moment so I shall continue to trawl useing some thing instictively, it could do with a better form so you could maybe see a larger context of each item as a prority thing with mouse movement what I have adopted is w.blogger v3.03 which is handling the drafting of most of the stuff - will I use it to edit?

I was theretherethere via Joi Ito Web [Nokia Lifeblog version 1.5] over two years ago with Nokia's 7110 [a WAP mobile] one of maybe six of the best [how many guys could list the choices - today?] with an earlier version of FoneSynch v4 but there was something I did not get in the insurance requested [they did not |reply to this| in their paperworks version unknown] so when the little scroll~wheel began to malfunction, I did not have paperworks references, and a possible choice of answers

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Ever heard of the Rorschach Test weelll I think Rory going to try some
so anyone's got the nerve try ask Tom
ink blot tests are back Tom Curtis writes

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I visited this photo shop and delivered film from years gone by, a trial scan on a 120 still and some of the first Kodakchrome transparency I exposed nearly fourty years ago


After the success of Soyuz 17, the next flight was expected to double the new
Record The launching of 5 April gave landing windows of 26 May to 7 June
(for a mission of between 51 and 63 days). It may have been in their minds to
break America’s second longest record, which was then 59 days. Chosen for
Soyuz 18 were the veterans of Soyuz 12, Vasili Lazarez and Oleg Markarov.
They surely deserved a long flight after their two-day hop.
Soyuz 18 lifted off on schedule and curved over towards the northeast. The
strap-ons fell away and disappeared from sight. At 120km the time came to
drop the core stage and fire the upper section. But the explosive bolts failed to fire: the whole rocket begun to tumble violently from end to end!
Vasili Lazarez reported the problem at once, but ground control would not believe him. For some reason, telemetry did not indicate a fault. ‘Abort, abort!’
he screamed, ‘cut us free!’ Only after further pleadings and swearing was
Soyuz blasted free from the gyrating rogue rocket. Soyuz began to fall like a
Down it came and the G forces got harder and harder. It was a straight vertical descent, quite unlike a normal re-entry. Just then Lazarev, realizing
the craft was heading for China, began to ask for a predicted landing spot.
4G, 5G, 6G. Three helicopter pilots were already in a Peking jail for a number of years for landing the wrong side of the border. 8G, 9G, 10G. The cosmonauts’ flesh sunk deeper into their cheekbones. Each man now weighed a tonne. 11G, 12G, 13G. ‘We do have a treaty with China, don’t we?’
pleaded Lazarez. 15G. Radio contact was lost. 16G - past the Soyuz design
limit 17G: each cosmonaut now weighed a tonne and half. 18G: the cosmonauts blacked out and the G meter jammed, bent.
The Cosmonauts slowed down from 17,000 km/h to 200 lm/h in four minutes.
At last the G forces eased. The parachute popped out and filled. They were
heading into the remote Altai mountains, a near-desert populated only by herdsmen on horseback. The sun had just set. Their troubles were only just
After 16 minutes aloft, Soyuz 18 touched down in snow - but at once began
rolling down a steep mountainside. It bumped and jogged, and Lazarev and
Markarov were violently thrown around. It crashed and smashed over the ground, and the two men screamed as they were flung about and battered.
The capsule was heading towards a precipice.
They would certainly have died if it had plunged over into the valley, but the
parachute lines snagged and tangled in some conifer trees and thorny bushes
and, miraculously, held. The two men, bruised, bleeding and with broken bones, climbed out in the darkness. What would they do? They were badly
injured and needed help. Yet the chances were that they were in the Peoples’
Republic of China. At best they faced an uncertain future. After an hour, a group of villagers who had witnessed the drama, approached with torches
and lights. It was bitterly cold. To the enormous relief of Lazarev and Markarov, they spoke Russian. The border, however, was close.

Extract from the book “Race Into Space” by Brian Harvey
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The Register's Tim Richardson says that the Pub [bar] chain Shepard Neames are to install Telabrias WiMax wireless broadband is interesting : I shall have to ask if they will do a power supply service..undate mentioned on the WiMaxblog Clive Akass tests the service

update: Will TV2ME really work

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Question
Pixels [live long and prosper - 3rd post - 24 Oct 2004 12:57] link to this post
In digital cameras, what number of pixels would give a similar quality (standard sized) photo to an ordinary photo?
If such a digital photo was converted to a slide and projected on a screen, would the quality then be less than that from a slide film?

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Only an informed consumer is going to know enough to avoid this gang and their products via lockergnome