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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, November 08, 2003

LIVEright now
..and I just got something -

..think of a thousand films and then head here

Claire Sutton on QVC convinced me to buy aSnowflake that flashes sequences of blue and white .....
(Create a twinkling effect outdoors with these gorgeous flashing snowflake lights)

DER-vla lives in Ontario is 31 and has a partner and made City Maps for the mobil industry, makes her a geek ....

A New BT Service 0800 reverse which allows you to make a call to someone without change
with the new clothes

A London Project Battersea Power Station The Plans
This project has been hanging around for some time so if this gets the go-ahead it will be complimentary....flash that demonstrates Design - Living - Style Vermoda
..requires a flash plug-in

QVCUK are Today offering the Minolta X20 for two payments of £67 and is the smallest 2Mbyte camera in the world with a 3X Zoom lens (moves within the body) and measures 86 (W) x 67 (H) x 23.5 (D) mm which makes it easy to hold with one hand between the thumb and middle fingers...
takes two AA batteries...

First Offer
One Million Dollars . .
Jessica did not say she was raped....
A reporter was offering money for the story (lots of insiders) but came to executive choice when the pack desended....

14 Hours time from watch live pictures of a eclipse of the moon...

Butter won't melt in your mouth not with this - "Rather cloudy with chilly winds. Patchy light rain or drizzle, mainly in east" - weather..

Sqwork found this a couple of hours ago... but if it is Google making small news about voting on what to, and what not to buy - that should be all it - is?

God in The Machine Tate online have a new way to welcome guests..


Friday, November 07, 2003

G o o g l e
Bobby Hatfield, a Righteous Brothers Singer, Dies at 63
New York Times - 5 hours ago
Bobby Hatfield, whose wholesomely passionate tenor carried the upper harmonies of the pop-soul duo the Righteous Brothers in hits like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," died on Wednesday in a hotel room in Kalamazoo, Mich. He was 63 and lived in Newport ...
via..the rest of the world

bRaking!! nEws ! ! ! is Google up-dating their labortories news...
.. this looks fairly obvious...to myself but I am supposed to have - done IT ......


This has to be special Samsung's new camcorder phonethe SCH-V410. Note the buttons on the outside for listening to music without having to flip it open.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Blog Wars

A hostile takeover of Joy's blog (Confessions of a G33k) prompted me to revisit BlogShares. I noticed among Joy's incoming links are links to both Super Fast Computer and SUPER fast COMPUTER
by Steve
Julia does one factor
Joy says..I'm not pissed. I'm kinda curious as to why. All that I do know, however, is that he's most likely going to dump it all soon.

Now were watchin emtv virtually LIVE and Kylie's wearing a d g gown shocking lime green shiffon which looks quite lovely.... and REM's Michael will be presenting an award today at the 10th Annual MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh, Scotland
and Beyonce' Knowles gets the Winner Award for New Song and Christina Aguilera hosts The Show wearing numerous costumes..and a fleeting glimse of Dido "I'm in Love and I always, will be!

Sapphire Mouse designed for the map application on the road like here but was located in the Inmac catalogue...

Neil at work yesterday asked if it was worth spending £50 on a cheap camera....
Well, I just found this for £15.. it don't get much cheaper....
if that does not work this will have to!

Windows Command Controls How to change slugish windows commands that don't sometimes work was recorrected by a program that changes all that via Jim Moran

via here how encryption works par-say

The Tosh-very fancy ALL NEW TABLET just look at the docking station...

Microsoft to give cash hand-outs to secure antivirus Reward Program fund findings / The concept art for the portable PlayStation (PSP) was unveiled for the first time yesterday.

The PSP - dubbed "The Walkman of the Future" - has a 4.5in LCD screen that supports a 480 x 272 pixel resolution. It also comes with a disc to store PSP software on.

UK news source
Best view on PSP
PSP pix
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Watched Predator 2 circa 1990 I don't remember seeing this before but it was an eye opener on the day that Matrix opened in the UK...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Rant from a Roman Holiday, maybe Yaked
forbidden by somethings..
My 5-day guide to Rome

I must say I'm pretty disappointed in myself. Usually after a holiday I have a long list of notes that I want to blog about, but to cut a long story short ... I don't! So improvising I decided to make a note of all the things I saw on particular days with little notes which I can remember. Not as interesting I admit but use your imagination please. So where was I:

ZDNet UK have come up with an interactive WiFi map of the UK showing all the hot-spotshere

Lorraine Kelly on GMTV does Santa Monica interviews Melissa de La Cruz real name who's written the book "How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less" published by Ballantine Books four months ago on a journatistic rant on presumably how long does it actually take!
Next is the Movie script, and "The Movie"..

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

OptIcal CharaCter RecognitiOn OCR found this via mirror.co.uk trial version

New Craze going around Blue Jacking 'Hello, you've been bluejacked', in the 'Name' field. Bluetooth enabled

The Inn of o'vation talking notepads The butterfly keyboard is going to receive some interesting forms in the coming years, take for example if the mouse could made more portable, say in the idea of a bracelet and parts that fit as rings-on-your-fingers, could develope from design planning.
But the keyboard has to be re-developed useing more or less constraints as is outlined here

Hurricane Floyd Quick Time format
and the lights at night over the Americas..here

Monday, November 03, 2003

They say that the Greece Govenment are having trouble in getting the stadium ready for ATHENS Olympic Games 2004 and that the plans are full of loop-holes..

Samsung offer phone

FIRST NEWSPAPER One Hundred Years old Today....The Daily Mirror
..but went bust, shortly afterwards...
included a French Letter from the Paris Correspondant..

Google is going to market, is not necessarily a bad thing but Microsoft could do with a browser that fresheners their image..

In 21 days the FCC is ruling that mobil users will be able to take their number to another carrier that is the National thing here in the U.K. so where is the International tariff?

Slang can be a 1 2 3 4 letter word, but origins of Cockney rythmes is suttle, while
North American has it's origin in the ghetto

Kate Garraway the glamious presenter on GMTV has changed her partner - he cheated her? finding other women easy! When she presented on Meridian News and it came the time for her last day, She said - "What you got me up to" well I think everyone was watching her presenting techniques like she is a stunner! Now she's going out with Matt Nasir
a relative of a work collegue ..

If Emily were to have meet Peter Sellers before he passed away you could imagine a sort of script that included the scripts of "Wish You were Here" and "Being There".

Sunday, November 02, 2003

site dedecated to Kristen Cloke who did Final Destination circa 2000 where some youngsters witness the spooks at some strange events surrounding a plane accident back in 1996..

Clie UX80 is this kool or what

Precious Metal or the search for that ultimately internet resource, next to the Big Bang or your own personel gnome structure explosives

reluctance makes a case for emblems (I think in symbols) and why we use them

Deep Blue Sea the BBC are taking a live link to the Pacific Ocean this afternoon with some deep sea diving equipment and I suppose the fair-haired Martha Holmes will be doing the swim-suit test...

on women in code and the God Mother of all American Times..
How's we all see

80's who sung what words competition, found here so give her a buzz-cock too?

480 mph speeding ticket - no that's nothing knew, I'm just researching crimes in Hollywood scripts from the early Triller genre of Black&White movies...

Word of The Week
Rod Stewart sang at some time in his career "Do You think I'm Sexy" but tonight Mr. Paul Merton payed an off-the-cuff - remark does he sing "Do You think I'm Sixty".

AOL make news pages in HTML instead of a dusty Rainman (for Remote Automated Information Manager) system...