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Middle Ages [it's all mine now?]

I was bought up in a small township in Eltham (Leslie Townsend Hope's also) in South London, now live in The-Garden-of-Kent aerial during the fifties Elvis was beginning to make a noise and ....in contempt of court

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Well what do they do with digital images - then..EYE DIGITAL EMOTION

girl looks like 'rigid tool girl' Melody Anderson

Games for Prizes - Prizes for Games, something like that?Microprizes Home Page

via:Mirror.co.uk - iblog

Marcus at work is mad about this Sci-Fi Movie - the script builds the story in such a way that is never done, at any time, ever
Red Planet (2000)
In the year 2050,a small group of explorers,led by Carrie Anne Moss doing her sterdiest Captain Janeway impression,crashland on Mars (not many other planets that would justify the title,huh?)and begin running out of oxygen.However,as they wait to re-establish contact with their captain,they begin to realise someone,or something,is after them.Director Antony Hoffman's feature certainly has lots of engrossing cinematography and effects,but unfortunately,an uninvolving story and cliched characters make this about as interesting as a brief peek through a telescope.**

I was watching this episode from 'the next generation' and I suddenly remembered..
about The Red Planet which I still have not seen..STARTREK.COM : Detail

You can't take this that seriously because the market is not really established, yet!
Gizmodo : Soap-powered fuel cell. Sort of.

but the idea of a fuel-cell that does everything is a dream - at the moment
let alone being environmentally friendly..

Friday, September 05, 2003

the very first streamed movie on the net
This Is Not a Love Song

David Burn did it at some time I beleive...

Telegraph | News | Blaine's magic Eye stunt
I went (sic)

Yepp Yepp Yepp Yes this is The Que-Test so you have to have two, just in a certain case?
Gizmodo : Review of Samsung's new ultralight MP3 player

Euro Parliment has way over a hundred translaters on line in descussion times a Telegraph article from the early 90's that I have not re-traced, yet
Order of language versions - European Parliament
I would have liked to have got into this business at some point, maybe this is my opportunity?

One Hell-of-a-system Camera - not only with shift tilt but with the Kodak Medium film type back but is a digital systems entry
only thing it's a bit tight when it comes to mergers....

Latest method to take pictures useing 300mm lenses or longer quite novel it just makes the set up weigh in at half-a-car
Closeup View of Wimberley Head
The only thing is: if my girlfriend was to invent anti-gravity plates that would put this out of business?

via Warehouse Express Online
take a look at Kirk's latest UK presents..

Thursday, September 04, 2003

When this camera was introduced it was THE THING and everybody wanted one the styling by Colani of Italy so that was it!

Crystal's boyfriend had one which got stolen

Big Rick Stuart Radio DJ | KFOG DJ Big Rick Stuart Weblog: "Crikey Blogger.com put up a link to my site, traffic went from 50 visits a day (prolly 10 of those me) to 60 an hour. Well greetings to all. "

rated ****
Mandarin Design Daily:The MEG Blog


Smoke and Ashes

This is what I got last night washing items of machinery?
GIANTmicrobes | Sore Throat (Streptococcus)

How can that be, Well Kevin said I was doing a good job? beats-me!

How much money do you have in your pocket, now?
Gizmodo : Hitachi's tiny RFID chips

discreet components embedded in fashion fabrics...

I was wondering I like this but must be positive...
Confessions of a G33k: Ground Zero, August 2003

take a look-see at Joy's pictures of a recent visit to Ground Zero...

Celebrity Blogoshere comes to Town or to Altered States
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Will it catch on or will it be a new bibleographica :-)
but if your in the machine your going to know better than that!

Avril trys it on but it's not easy-pessy so what does the money do?
Avril Lavigne

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Mirror.co.uk - iblog: " ultra-delicious Dannii Minogue "
"I'm a big text user - I send hundreds. I'm a real demon - very fast.

"And I use e-mail a lot. I'm kind of crazy about e-mailing pictures to my family and friends. With my family being in Australia the time difference is horrendous and it's difficult to catch someone awake and not in the middle of the night, so e-mail is perfect.

So what are we missing?

Here are some folk that went to my school but got well- known?
Friends Reunited - Message Board

Ben Joseph

Sixth form were introduced to the Squeeze thanks to Ben. He was a lovely colourful lad from Blackheath and I'll never forget him. Where is he now? I spent much of my sixth form year cuddling up to him in my depressive hormonal times.

Christopher Holland

Too modest by half Mr Holland. Tours with Jools Holland's (brother) Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and now a member of the latest formation of Squeeze

Famous Helper

Fred (The Art Teacher - Tall Bald fella)

If anyone can remember Vic Reeves Big Night Out you wouldn't be able to miss his helpful assistant, Les. Partial to the spirit level, and enemy of Water Cress, Les left after 1 series because of an argument with Vic. BBC2 commissioned a spin off series for Les, but didn't come back for a second one. He was a top bloke. Good at Art too if I remember rightly!!

Glenn Tilbrook

Where would Squeeze be without him

Steve Holt

Cool Dude loved R&b Music and was sorted. Trevor Thompson one of th ebest dancers to hit clubland.

Steve Geden

Left school early to play Tucker Jenkins in Grange Hill. Has been Mark Fowler in Eastenders for years. Think he is going into The Bill soon. Changed his name to Todd for some reason.

Stephen Hughes

Steve is my brother and has made a name for himself. He is currently starring in Andrew Lloyd Webbers-Bombay Dreams. From June 2003 he takes over the leading role. A show not to be missed!

This is High-tech furniture OK
Kango Chair
- MarketLab Inc.

There are 5,085,244,215 people poorer than little old me...
Oh, and I am the 914,755,785 richest person in the world.

Global Rich List

Saw this Sci-Fi movie last night on ITV1 UK and like the Photo effects
IMDb user comments for Mission to Mars (2000): "Micrometeorite impact as the rescue mission arrives is hurried."
Nobody tries to mention in the comments section about the spaceman who lost his grip when getting hold of the equipment when he had no chance of rescue.
I am feeling hopeless at trying to explain this more?

Bin There Done That
The Official Dido Message Boards :: View topic - Where are my royalties?
Oliver Cameron says he has not been paid for his tune "Thank You"
Dido's nick-name Dee Dee says this...
She is quite a charmer :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

via Google News / Discovery Channel say that a hot spot has occured but don't get anxious it's always a long way off anyway I can't find a way yet to get my will witnessed the way I want!
Discovery Channel :: Asteroid May Hit Earth March 2014

I came across this recently after watching Deborah's video story in the ninties
POW/MIA Article February 1996

Oh?, look! My old agency

Stockwave_Images...coming soon!

I used to supply stock photos to Northern Picture Library in the early eighties...

First Nation UK site I have come across, lately? with all three media players
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper
So go and watch and listen to various Uk Singers rough-their-stuff -

When you miss something and it's only the format quotations, and/or marks and then you read this (Yes, vacation was much fun. Driving today, however, sucked majorly since it rained straight through from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to RT. 87 at Clifton Park, NY. Good thing I wasn't going southbound on RT. 87/NY Thruway since that was all stop and go traffic from north of Albany all the way down to the southern toll (in other words, about 2.5 hours worth of distance). -))

but your journeys only incur B Road activities that question your sanity, sometimes

I have not driven in the states, yet. But I bet their are more chips on the table! :-)

Confessions of a G33k: I have returned: "Yes, vacation was much fun. Driving today, however, sucked majorly since it

I wish I could say something intelligent about this article so I had better not!
BBC NEWS | Politics | Kelly's state of mind in spotlight

Monday, September 01, 2003

Aretha Franklin sung about one...
..:: Broadband Religion ::..

Who is Jeffrey Lee Parson?
The week that was

If cheap drugs are made in Africa the next thing we'll know is that the black market will be importing them to the high street..

MSF: Aid agency launches latest initiative to tackle diseases in the developing world

How high is a Kite...

Getting ready for 05:00hours BST tomorrow..

Neurotic Quicksotic Woman

Angus McBean

Gallery Electronics
Gizmodo : Photos of Magink displays

in the home?
set-up, and forget power curves....

Far Eastern International Shipping Manifesto for The Italian Job
NASA plans to build sleek four-seater spacecraft in 5 years : HindustanTimes.com

Sunday, August 31, 2003

I have seen the light

Translated version of http://dimonia.blogspot.com/

"I have seen the writing on the wall" mARYAM

translated into English via the Google toolbar


Three Felix 5 second movies in Quick Time
Felix The Cat - MultiMedia

The County Town of Kent, is The Garden of England www.tour-maidstone.com - Official Web Site

and when I can get out these days there are some things to do, it's just taking the time to sort it all out!
Then it's all so straight forward?

Just been round to Dilly's place as I have not seen her for some time, and took the opportunity to take pictures-



One funky Lady ... man
Sasha's Portfolio

it's two wheels doode

For one day only
my testing times

an attempt to hunt down all http context and make frequent changes
like um....

My Post Got A Rut

So I started another blog
Internet Anagram Server: Anagrams for startup to go